Building a Commercial Business for Scale

September 29th 2022

Guest speakers
Shane Jaeger

Director of Operations

The Lawton Group

Sendur Sellakumar

SVP, of Commercial & Construction


What you will learn:
  • How to maximize profits for commercial businesses

  • Strategies for achieving operational excellence

  • KPIs to track and leverage in decision making

Commercial contractors need the right platform and the right strategy to deliver a remarkable customer experience and scale in today's market. Being able to access your entire commercial operations on one platform is the first step in accomplishing this. 

Join Sendur Sellakumar, SVP of Commercial and Construction at ServiceTitan, and Shane Jager, President of Operations at Lawton Group, in this free webinar where they’ll share insights on leveraging the power of ServiceTitan to help contractors optimize their workflows and build a commercial business for scale.