Call Center Analytics, CSR Performance & Profitability

May 20th 2021

Guest speakers
Angie Snow

Principal Industry Advisor at ServiceTitan and shop owner


Call Center Analytics, CSR Performance & Profitability
What you will learn:
  • Set goals for your CSR team

  • Increase your booking rate

  • Fill your schedule board with higher opportunity calls

  • Meet call capacity goals

  • Identify opportunities

The phone is ringing and your CSRs are booking calls. However, your CSRs could still be leaving cash on the table. How do you know? Join Angie Snow, Director of Customer & Product Training, as she walks you through Call Center KPIs and CSR metrics that you should be closely monitoring in your business. Discover what certain analytics are telling you about your CSR team’s performance, and how you can use that information to help your CSRs take the proper steps to improve their performance and increase your bottom line.

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