Disruptive Branding 101 with Dan Antonelli of KickCharge Creative

March 26th 2020

Guest speakers
Dan Antonelli

President & Chief Creative Officer

KickCharge Creative

How could your brand be working better for your business? This isn’t a question that comes to mind when first thinking about a service shop unless of course, you speak with Dan Antonelli.
What you will learn:
  • Brand basics: what makes a good brand and where does your brand currently stand?

  • Why naming is so important to brand promise and memorability

  • Common mistakes shops make with their branding and how to avoid them

  • Why most trucks wraps don’t work - and how to make sure yours wins the battle on the streets

In the last 20+ years, Dan and his award-winning agency has helped over 1500 businesses in the service industry, including some of ServiceTitan’s most successful customers, create a brand that disrupted their community, won over more consumers, and delivered results. Within months of rebranding, some of Dan’s clients have seen as much as a 121% increase in revenue! Within years, as much as an 1133% increase in revenue!

During this FREE webinar, Dan will deliver his best advice on branding, what works and what doesn’t work, and what you can do today to evaluate your current brand message and story.

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