Secrets to Increasing Average Ticket Size with Roto-Rooter’s Rachel Stepowoy

March 19th 2020

Guest speakers
Rachel Stepowoy

Enterprise Administrator


How to better educate your customers and improve close rates with ServiceTitan Estimate Templates. 
What you will learn:
  • Enforce sales processes that educate homeowners and offer them multiple options

  • Communicate the value of said processes with your technicians

  • Identify sales trends and discover areas of opportunity for your service business.

After several Midwest Roto-Rooter franchises experienced an uptick in customer price complaints, enterprise administrator Rachel Stepowoy discovered that her techs weren’t presenting customers with all of their options or properly educating them on the value behind those options. In her effort to resolve this issue, she unlocked a foolproof sales process that not only enhanced customer experience but improved the closing rate across all of her locations!

Join Rachel and ServiceTitan for this FREE webinar where she’ll discuss her strategy for delighting customers and making sure techs don’t leave money on the table.

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