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What is pool service software?

Pool service software dives into modern digital technology to improve your company’s operational efficiency, increase your techs’ average tickets, and grow revenue. This essential pool service tool provides clear customer communication with automated scheduling, dispatching, online booking, and GPS tracking. Use customized reporting to track and boost your techs’ productivity, along with digital estimating and invoicing that clearly show good-better-best options to provide the ultimate customer service experience.

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Reduce inefficiencies with our drag-and-drop dispatch board. Ensure transparent communication and scheduling amongst the team with SMS texting and a route-visualization map.

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ServiceTitan understands the accounting nuances involved with running a field service business—and every shop does it a little differently. That’s why our award-winning customer relationship management (CRM) platform integrates with trusted third-party financial services such as QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, GreenSky, and others, to ensure pool service businesses can continue using the tools they know and trust.

With ServiceTitan's field service management software, pool companies can:

  • Easily adjust and customize their Pricebook.
  • Provide digital invoices and estimates.
  • Export invoices directly to QuickBooks.
  • See incoming transactions in real time.
  • Offer on-the-spot financing.
  • Capture check and credit card payments in the field.
  • Track specific marketing campaigns—from leads to booked jobs.
  • And more!

Modern, all-in-one field service software helps pool service businesses optimize their processes and operations, so they can focus on boosting cash flow, adding new customers, and growing ticket sizes.

With a cloud-based CRM such as ServiceTitan, you can add more technicians—the source of most of your company’s profits—without needing to add more office staff. Everyone performs their jobs more effectively and efficiently utilizing ServiceTitan features that make business reporting, bookkeeping, answering customer calls, scheduling and dispatching techs a whole lot easier.

ServiceTitan customers also see business growth through improved sales and service by the technician. ServiceTitan’s mobile app equips pool service techs to arrive at each job fully informed with a customer's service and invoice history, which leads to better customer service, more customer referrals, and a strong network of online reviews. Advanced communication functionality via chat, SMS, and email—all via the Customer Portal—ensure an amazing customer experience.

The multi-option estimate builder helps technicians close more pool service jobs at a higher average ticket, increasing the profit per technician across the entire company.

ServiceTitan’s pool service software equips swimming pool techs with a robust customer database so they can view complete customer information and job history before arriving on the job site. Knowing the customer's name and job history helps techs and CSRs personalize the pool service experience, provide better customer service, generate more business via customer referrals, and build a strong network of online reviews.

Pool companies serving residential and commercial clients consider ServiceTitan's CRM the best pool service software, because it's easy to use, enhances employee and customer communication, promotes mobile functionality via a smartphone or tablet, and includes key features built to help pool companies grow their businesses, including:

  • Customer Portal: Customers can request new service, review service calls, access invoice history, check their chemical readings, and pay for recurring services online without ever picking up the phone.
  • Easy Communication: SMS text messages, online chat, and email keep customers informed at every stage of the job—from booking confirmations and reminders to dispatch notifications and direct links to leave a review.
  • Marketing Pro: Target existing customers for service renewal or to propose next season’s services via automated email marketing or direct mail campaigns.
  • Memberships and Service Agreements: Techs can offer automatic memberships on their mobile tablet or generate estimates to renew an expiring membership, right on site.

The best way to acquire new pool service jobs in today’s digital world requires meeting your customers online with advertising that rises above the competition. Get the most out of your pool service marketing spend by managing your Google reviews, automating your marketing campaigns, and saving money on cost-per-lead with targeted email marketing.

ServiceTitan pool service software features include:

  • Online Reviews: Acquire more reviews automatically by texting a direct link to customers as soon as you finish the job. A 5-star online review builds trust with new customers, helping to close deals more easily.
  • Self-Serve Booking: Allow customers to book their own appointment online through ServiceTitan's web scheduler API and Google Local Services integration.
  • Marketing ROI Tracking: Produce more job leads by measuring the success of every marketing campaign with unique trackable phone numbers.
  • Marketing Pro Reputation: Generate more online reviews from happy customers to create a solid reputation that attracts more leads and revenue.
  • Marketing Pro Direct Mail: Know which service areas or customer zip codes generate the most revenue, and send targeted marketing postcards to homeowners in those areas.
  • Follow-Up On Estimates: Follow up with customers who never responded to unsold estimates with simple tags and filters on your ServiceTitan dashboard.

Stocking and tracking products or parts can present major hassles for pool service companies, and ultimately impact their bottom line if incorrectly calculated. Optimize your warehouse operations with ServiceTitan's Purchasing and Inventory modules, with features for:

  • Inventory Management: ServiceTitan's inventory management system helps pool services limit losses, increase billable hours, decrease stock while increasing cash on hand, build partnerships with inventory specialists, and increase technician accountability with clear, customized reporting on inventory status.
  • Volume Scheduling: Optimize the CSR process of booking thousands of recurring service appointments during your company's busy season with bulk booking, route optimization, and smart scheduling software.
  • Mobile App: Technicians arrive at the job with complete customer history, previous notes, and photos to quickly tackle the project at hand. They can also upload photos, videos, and other documents straight from their mobile tablet, boosting in-the-field efficiencies.

Maintenance contracts and service agreements often must be customized for each pool service customer. With ServiceTitan's software solution, you can customize additional monthly charges, opt-ins for extra maintenance tasks, membership upgrades for additional services, and more.

You always know your invoices are accurate, as ServiceTitan automatically tracks labor, material costs, and net profits for every customized agreement. ServiceTitan's contract management software also allows you to:

  • Schedule jobs directly from the memberships’ recurring visits.
  • Generate estimates for potential renewal of expiring memberships.
  • Generate invoices and collect automated online payments for recurring plans.

Plan recurring services to leverage your memberships and contracts for profitability. Our service agreement software allows you to see (and prioritize) visits that involve older equipment and possible replacements, and lets technicians review open estimates, work orders, equipment service histories, and all notes to identify new sales opportunities.

ServiceTitan's pool service management software helps companies get paid faster, increase sales to boost revenue, and reduce costs with improved efficiency. Use our superior software solution to:

  • Increase sales by empowering your techs with a mobile app that automatically generates invoicing with time and materials included; provides a visual pricebook and multiple pricing options through good-better-and-best mobile estimates; and helps you leverage memberships and service contracts to dispatch for profitability.
  • Reduce costs with improved inventory management; ROI tracking on every marketing campaign; and smart scheduling/route optimization to decrease drive time and fuel costs.

ServiceTitan’s user-friendly mobile app, ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0, is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. It's frequently updated for increased speed and new features, giving your pool service techs, office staff, and team members complete access to the latest features right at their fingertips.

Built for ease and speed, ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0 provides pool service companies with complete customer history and service information, best routing directions to the customer’s location, inventory management, notifications of online bookings, pricebook and multi-option estimate templates, and even the proper payment processing workflow to follow in the field. And, it's all accessible through a mobile device.

Yes. ServiceTitan's Pool Service Software integrates with Intuit QuickBooks Online and with QuickBooks Desktop Premier and Enterprise editions, and even Quickbooks add-ons like Expensify and Shopify. With easy QuickBooks integration, pool service businesses simplify accounting procedures and automate the flow of information from invoicing on the job site to reconciliation in your accounting software, without the hassle of double entry.

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