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Solutions Over Excuses: Turning Around the Victim Mentality

February 21, 2023

Episode Overview

In the decade since he first appeared on Toolbox for the Trades, A1 Garage Door Services owner Tommy Mello has grown the business from $30 million to $200 million–with no end in sight and multiple acquisitions pending. 

Mello has faced down adversity, including his own ADHD. And he realized years ago that his vision for skyrocketing success couldn’t happen without the help of a dedicated team.

With that strong team that helps build the right company culture, Mello focuses his thoughts on accumulating other trade companies and growing them. 

“I always say there are three ways to make money,” Mello says. “You get more customers, you keep customers coming back more often, or you can charge your customers more. We focus on all of those.”

While the company grows, Mello is mindful that there is a people-driven purpose behind the expansion.

He notes that his payroll includes 600 employees but that when you take employees’ family members into account, his business is likely supporting roughly 2,400 people.

“Revenue is for vanity, and profit is for sanity,” Mello says. 

And he focuses on the bottom line more than ever because he realizes that the extended family is connected to the burgeoning company.

Mello knows that an ever-growing business doesn’t happen by accident. So, he hires people who excel where he has weaknesses. 

And he’s always working on processes.

“One of my main goals is building myself in a way that's much more organized,” Mello says.

The core plan? Build efficiency.

“How do you get to $10 billion?” he asks. “You've got to always be working on yourself. You've got to have a plan. And, you've got to be methodical in the way you move.”

With all his bases covered and no limit or end in sight, it’s not hard to believe Mello’s financial operation will indeed climb into the billions.

Tommy Mello recently joined ServiceTitan’s Jackie Aubel as part of Season 8 of the “Toolbox for the Trades” podcast, which included Mello’s thoughts on:

  • (5:52) Leaving a legacy of caring for and investing in people

  • (11:22) Acknowledging your weaknesses in a leadership position

  • (18:58) Surrounding yourself with people who make you better

  • (20:55) Knowing when it’s time to take action

  • (30:09) Addressing the victim mentality of struggling contractors

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