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Speak to the Pain Points: Selling Benefits Over Products

May 16, 2023

Episode Overview

The water treatment sector of the home services market is on fire, and competition can get heated.  

Jonathan Brewster keeps Aqua Clear Water Systems steaming ahead of the pack by implementing dynamic marketing perspectives that make the company stand out. 

“We speak to the pain points of why they're buying versus why our equipment is better,” Brewster says. 

 As vice president of business development, Brewster sees that competing companies’ sales teams are pushing the concept that certain equipment is the best or the most efficient.

“We talk directly to the deeper reasons of why clients need this,” he says. “People want the chemicals out to keep their families safe. They want better skin. That’s what we talk about in the sales environment.”

And yes–note that Brewster calls people clients instead of customers.

“A customer is part of a transactional relationship,” he says. “We want to build relationships for life. So for us, everybody is a client. We serve our clients on a deeper level by explaining everything and showing them all the benefits.”

Note: One way anybody can build relationships for life is Brewster's custom software that helps any business track when clients move to a new residence, called Is My Customer Moving.

Brewster points out that his company is not in the HVAC or plumbing space. Still, he candidly observes that other home services companies could benefit from learning about water treatment.

He implores others not to miss the boat on water treatment.

“Why do plumbing problems happen?” he asks. “Mostly because of the quality of the water. Let's say you're going to replace a water heater. There's going to be a ton of lime scale in that water heater that probably broke it.”

According to Brewster, there’s no reason to splash around alone when synergies with water treatment are limitless.

Jonathan Brewster recently joined ServiceTitan’s Jackie Aubel as part of Season 8 of the “Toolbox for the Trades” podcast, which included Brewster’s thoughts on:

  • (4:08) Being part of a father-son team in the trades

  • (8:45) Standing out with the Nightingale Principle

  • (14:19) Breaking down a dynamic sales presentation

  • (18:56) A golden opportunity for plumbing businesses

  • (24:12) Innovations for client retention

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