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Outgrow the Shoes You Fill: Scaling a Generational Business

June 13, 2023

Episode Overview

At a young age, Jason Rich went to work for his father as a jack of all trades at Paradise Plumbing & Air Conditioning

It’s not an uncommon story in the home services industry. In Rich’s case, wearing so many different hats paid off.

Today, he’s something of an operations guru. As general manager, Rich has embraced a private equity partnership and is tapping into a renewed focus on technology and brand awareness that is strengthening the core of the family business.

“What is our why?” is a topic that currently pervades interoffice company communications.

“We challenge everyone on that question,” Rich says. “It gives us all a chance to remember why we're doing what we're doing, why we've pushed so hard.”

A successful component in the push forward was a private equity partnership with Legacy Partners. 

“They provide seamless solutions,” Rich says. “They've come alongside and provided a lot of the support that us, as contractors, struggle with.”

He says it’s truly an awesome partnership. 

“We are operationally strong, and we understand how to maximize our teams and the outcomes we need to produce,” Rich says. “But on the business administrative side, it can get tough. We don't come from that background. We're excited to partner to make that happen.”

With business administration handled, Rich and his team can focus on core tasks, as well as embrace new technology. 

The company pours its heart and soul into the call center–and also has the bandwidth to pay attention to new avenues for marketing.

We really have to be paying attention to how people are using social media, how the younger generation is tapping into who they're finding, and what their market is,” Rich says.

It’s circle-of-life stuff and generation progress for Paradise Plumbing and Air Conditioning.

Jason Rich recently joined ServiceTitan’s Jackie Aubel as part of Season 8 of the “Toolbox for the Trades” podcast, which included Rich’s thoughts on:

  • (8:59) Ensuring legacy through a private equity partnership

  • (16:41) Boosting online presence and operational tech

  • (21:07) Why the call center is the heartbeat of operations

  • (25:18) Promoting short-form videos on social media

  • (27:35) The benefit of being a jack of all trades

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