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A $40 Million American Dream: Building a Rocket Ship for Exponential Growth

August 29, 2023

Episode Overview

Adam Fuseman and Stan Pakarin are proof that the American Dream is still alive and attainable.

Fuseman is CFO and Pakarin’s the CEO of Fuse Service. The pair of Russian immigrants came to the United States in 2017. Today, their 25-location home and commercial services company is doing $40 million in annual sales.

Both say doing business in Russia is far more difficult and much different from in America. However, they believe that wherever you’re from, there are basic tenets you can follow in this country that can lead you on a path to success.

Focusing on optimization is one key, according to Fuseman.

“We’ve been doing HVAC for five years, and we’re probably 90% optimized–but we’re still optimizing,” he says. “With electrical and plumbing, there are a lot of things we still have to improve on.”

Fuseman lists services such as: “EV chargers. Electric panels. Upgrades. Energy backup storage. Solar installation. Heat pumps. Water heaters. We’re collecting a knowledge base in our company.”

 Pakarin preaches the philosophy of staying calm in the face of adversity.

“If you feel like a new service isn’t getting long, it's not how it's supposed to work, just stay calm,” he advises. “Think about it. Think about what needs to be improved, what kind of tools you're going to use. It's possible. Just don’t give up.”

Fuseman adds that learning to trust employees will also move the needle forward.

“You have to trust people…you have to trust someone to delegate your processes,” he says. “If you’re trying to get everything under yourself, then everything will be temporary. You have to trust your people so you can delegate with confidence.”

Adam Fuseman and Stan Pakarin recently joined ServiceTitan’s Jackie Aubel as part of Season 8 of the “Toolbox for the Trades” podcast, which included Fuseman’s and Pakarin’s thoughts on:

  • (9:51) Immigration roadblocks to starting a new business 

  • (16:41) How a YouTube channel brought the two partners together

  • (26:43) Expanding and optimizing new service lines and processes

  • (34:48) Learning to trust people so you can delegate with confidence

  • (39:30) Building a “rocket ship” with technology

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