Make faster, more profitable decisions.

Easily Manage Residential and Commercial Electrical Job Progress

Deliver results on time and within budget, while maximizing profit, with a quick and accurate breakdown of job costs based on equipment, material costs, PO, commissions, and labor units.

Monitor Individual Job Costs

Monitor Individual Job Costs

Stay Connected

Receive real-time updates from all team members across the business—whether in the office or field.

Collect On-time Payments

Stay on top of accounts receivable and improve cash flow with access to a real-time transaction hub.

Keep Projects Organized

Use labels for full control over how revenue and expenses are reported for each job or division.

Make Informed Decisions

Break down electrical project budgets by category for greater spend visibility.

“Really, it’s a no-brainer. I will never want to go back to any other piece of software.”

Jon Longshore

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Electrical Job Costing Software: Tips and Advice

Learn about electrical job costing software from industry pros, from evaluating software to discovering key features to grow your commercial or residential electrical company.

What is Electrical Job Costing Software?

Job costing software is designed to help electrical contracting businesses manage the financials of small and large projects, make informed labor decisions, and forecast for future projects without having to be an Excel pro. Job costing contractor software integrates all data from sold estimates, purchase orders, vendor invoices, payroll, and accounts receivable billing for a real-time picture of project progress that affects the bottom line.

Job costing is especially useful for job management of construction projects, replacement or renovation projects, or multi-day maintenance and repair projects for mechanical contractors.

What are the Benefits of Electrician Job Costing Software?

Whether for small businesses or large commercial service enterprises, best-in-class field service management software enables electrical service businesses to streamline their day-to-day pricing, mechanical estimating, and billing workflows with the following core benefits:

Manage Job Progress: The job costing flyout gives you a quick breakdown of job costs based on materials, equipment, purchase orders, commissions, and labor burden so you can see your profit on every job type. 

With powerful automation, identify potential risks early to deliver on time and within budget for every job, from service and maintenance to construction projects.

Monitor Individual Job Costs: Track the materials, equipment and labor for every job or project to protect your budgets and proactively manage risks to productivity, inventory, and change requests—ultimately providing a better customer experience.

ServiceTitan job costing, project management, and electrical estimating software keeps you in sync with real-time updates from your whole team—from inventory and payroll managers to the foreman and service contractors on the job site—with a mobile app.

Collect On-time Payments: The Project Summary helps you stay on top of your accounts receivable and improve cash flow. You’ll know the proper time to bill and what balance is owed based on your job progress or construction project phase. 

Update project values easily as things change to keep your financials clean and accurate.

Keep Projects Organized and Moving: Project labels give you full control over how your revenue and expenses are categorized and reported for each job or business unit. 

You can break down the project budget in as much detail as you need. Greater visibility into what you’re spending and when will help you make faster, more informed decisions.

Job costing software is part of an all-in-one construction management software solution that helps with customer management, time tracking, dispatching, and credit card payment processing, and provides tools for creating accurate estimates in less time to improve electrical contractor business operations across the board.

What is Included in the Margin Calculation?

Expenses that are factored into the calculation of margin include the costs of labor, performance-based pay, equipment, material prices, and taxes.

Does your Electrical Job Costing Software Integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes. ServiceTitan's user-friendly construction software solution for field service technicians and specialty contractors integrates with Intuit QuickBooks Online and with QuickBooks Desktop Premier and Enterprise editions. 

Contractors who serve both commercial and residential customers can take advantage of the QuickBooks integration to simplify accounting procedures and ensure a smooth flow of information from work order and invoice on the construction project site to reconciliation in your accounting software, without the hassle of double entry. That means you can ditch the manual docs or spreadsheets.