Special Report

Exterior Industry Insights and Trends for 2024

ServiceTitan Special Report: The State of Exterior Trades Businesses in 2024

ServiceTitan surveyed more than 1,000 exterior contractors across the country to better understand current trends and provide insights on how businesses can stay ahead of the game. From roofing specialists to solar installers, survey respondents pointed at cost optimization as the key to remaining competitive.

Key takeaways from the report include: • With customer acquisition and increasing revenue as priorities for 2024, businesses will focus their marketing on reputation (71%), homeowner experience (58%), and quality workmanship (54%). • Operational efficiency boosts revenue by optimizing labor costs (64%), minimizing turnover (38%), and increasing technology usage (27%). • Staffing and rising costs are the biggest challenges, with 57% of exterior contractors concerned about staffing, 56% worried about overhead expenses, and 56% uneasy about rising material prices. • Remodeling (47%) is seen as the biggest growth opportunity, followed by expanding to new locations (34%) and offering new services (32%). • Businesses aim to boost profits by optimizing costs (51%) and upselling services (49%).

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