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ServiceTitan helps enterprise shops like Village Plumbing & Air work more efficiently

Adrienne Teeley
January 30th, 2024
3 Min Read

Rodrick Joyner knew he wanted to accept the role of client experience manager when he first interviewed with Village Plumbing & Air in 2018. 

The Houston-area residential HVAC and plumbing shop impressed Joyner with its company culture—but a big selling point was that the team used ServiceTitan.

That was important to Joyner, who had once worked for another enterprise shop that used a patchwork of outdated software.

“None of our (information) was connected,” Joyner said. “We had a CRM (customer relationship management) software for booking calls, and we had a separate operating system for our phones. I had to go to three or four different places to find an answer for one thing.”

Joyner no longer has that frustration at Village Plumbing & Air. 

Instead of endlessly searching for information, Joyner accesses ServiceTitan’s powerful reporting tools in just a few clicks. With accurate, real-time data, Joyner can effectively monitor his large team and the performance of the business.

“We can all see our numbers clear as day in ServiceTitan,” Joyner said.

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Better reporting means faster growth

Over the years, Joyner has watched Village Plumbing & Air double its number of techs, smash sales records and rake in more revenue every year—landing at $23 million in 2023. 

ServiceTitan played a role in that growth, Joyner said. Armed with years of historical data, the leadership team is able to understand exactly what works for Village Plumbing & Air–and make a plan to build on that success.

For example, “If we wanted to continue to grow, we had to figure out how many memberships we needed to sell to get to a certain point (and) how many systems we needed,” Joyner said. 

Those figures became key performance indicators (KPIs), goals for the company to hit to continue its growth. With ServiceTitan, it’s easy for Joyner to see how his team is pacing toward its KPIs.

“You can have certain reports (for) how many opportunity calls we have that day, or how much revenue each person produced on a particular day, week, month,” Joyner said. “There are so many different reports you can create in ServiceTitan that help enforce processes and KPIs.”

Keep customers in the loop

ServiceTitan’s reporting features keep the Village Plumbing & Air team working in tandem. But to support the company’s growing customer base, Joyner turns to another ServiceTitan tool: Marketing Pro.

  • Reputation feature: Joyner uses Marketing Pro’s reputation feature to collect customer reviews. ServiceTitan matches the feedback to the correct technician, so Joyner can congratulate his team for a job well done, or quickly solve issues.

  • Reach customers effectively: Marketing Pro gives Joyner the option to launch direct mail, email and even SMS campaigns to capture customers’ attention, as “most people are more apt to text than they are to call in,” Joyner said. 

  • Healthy ROIs: In moments, Joyner can look up how many customers opened specific marketing emails—and how many called in to make an appointment. This data lets Joyner see what messaging works best and what he needs to tweak. 

A smoother workday with modern tools

Joyner loves it when he’s chipping away at his lengthy to-do list and receives an alert from ServiceTitan that a member of his team scheduled a high-value job. 

“I love the alerts (feature), because they’re instantaneous,” Joyner said, adding that they help him react to situations as soon as they arise.

It’s not hard to find information in ServiceTitan, but Joyner appreciates that he can get important updates automatically delivered to him.

“I love the fact that you can have your reports emailed to you,” Joyner said. “If we’re ever running late for a meeting, (we can) just go to our email (and find) all of the information we need to know.”

After working in the trades for a decade, Joyner doesn’t take these powerful tech tools for granted.

“It’s really interesting to see the growth that has happened in the trades,” Joyner said. “And with ServiceTitan being in the forefront of a lot of this (change), I’m excited about what’s coming in the future.”

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