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Pricebook Pro Smart Start shortens pricebook setup from ‘a month to five minutes.’

Brendan Meyer
August 23rd, 2023
3 Min Read

Brandon Martin had to wait years to switch to ServiceTitan, but it took him only five minutes to set up his pricebook. 

This spring, Martin’s residential and commercial service shop, Mr. B’s Plumbing in East Texas, had grown large enough to be a good fit for ServiceTitan, the all-in-one software for the trades. Martin added Pricebook Pro, anticipating, like most things when onboarding with a new software, that it would be a long process.

That’s why he was surprised when his ServiceTitan project manager, Josh Rivera, said it would only take minutes—not months.

That’s because of Pricebook Pro Smart Start, which has simplified the onboarding process for Pricebook Pro users. In a few minutes, they can access a personalized pricebook containing hundreds of items tailored to their shop.

It’s a game-changer for people like Martin.

“My time is more valuable than anything,” Martin said. “I could sit here all day building a pricebook. 

“I don't have time to do that. It's buying back a lot of my time as a business owner.”

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Getting a head start

Martin has been a licensed plumber for 17 years. In 2016, he bought the business from his father, who made enough money to provide for the family but was never able to grow Mr. B’s.

Not Martin. Since 2016, he’s steadily grown from a one-man shop to three trucks. He knew he needed a software system that could cover all parts of his business—a software he didn’t have to configure purely on his own.

“I’ve tried other softwares, and a lot of them were basically like, ‘Here you go. Figure it out,’” Martin said. “Over these past few weeks, and especially with the pricebook, a lot of things have been built out for me. 

“I got a head start, and now I'm able to tailor things.”

‘Better teachers and salesmen’

Martin has several favorite Pricebook Pro features that have been a “game-changer” for Mr. B’s.

  • Multiple estimates: “We're able to give multiple estimates, and give examples to the customers. Before Pricebook Pro, we'd go out, plug in time and material, and still give the customer a flat-rate price. But we were spending more time on that in the field. With Pricebook Pro and it already being set up, even the technician is able to go in there, put a brief description of the task that needs to be performed, it pops up, he clicks on that, and it's just a couple pushes of a button instead of going in there and writing out the description.”

  • Sleek layout: On their previous software, Martin and his techs felt like they were using “glorified calculators” on their phones to show the customer multiple estimates. “But now with ServiceTitan, we're able to build out a couple estimates and show that to people on tablets. If you have the examples on the tablet for the customer and show them, ‘Hey, this is this, and this is what this costs,’ it saves time, and it builds confidence in the customers.”

And that’s not all. It also builds confidence in the technician, too.

“It helps them become better teachers and salesmen,” Martin said.

Support, every step of the way

Unlike other software, ServiceTitan has supported Martin every step of the way before and since he went live. If he ever has a question, he’ll ask Rivera.

“And even if (Rivera) doesn't know the answer to the question, he's like, ‘That's a good question, let me get back to you,’” Martin said. “And he always comes back with an answer and has the right direction to point me. It's been really, really comforting to know that.”

Last year, Mr. B’s made $370,000 in revenue. This year the company is on pace for $500,000. Martin’s long-term goal? 

“One day I want to be a $1 million company,” he said. And he knows ServiceTitan wants that for him, too.

“I'm not just a customer of ServiceTitan. I don't feel like that,” Martin said. “I feel like we're working together so that we can better my business and make more money.”

And, like with his pricebook, save time. 

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