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Contractors in the Crowd

October 12th, 2023
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Contractors in the Crowd

Kitty Dunn, Interstate AC, Nashville: 

Dunn came to Interstate AC, which is 90% commercial, from a residential plumbing company that used ServiceTitan, and she persuaded her new bosses to demo the software. Many were equally applicable to commercial, and the software wasn’t standing still. “(ServiceTitan doesn’t) stand for status quo,” she said. “We were really excited to find something that pushed us into the 21st century.”

Tasha Roberts, ASAP Door Repair & Service, Phoenix, AZ/North Carolina: 

After switching to ServiceTitan, ASAP Door Repair & Service is up 128% in revenue from 2022 to 2023. Even better? The software has allowed Roberts, owner and president of the Phoenix, Arizona, shop, to recently move and expand to North Carolina. “Last month we had the best month ever in company history and I'm like, ‘OK, see, they can do that without me there. They're fine.’"

James Terry, Green Team Plumbing, Pompano Beach, Fla: 

Green Team Plumbing switched to ServiceTitan in 2020, but if Terry, the CEO of the commercial shop, had it his way, he would’ve joined in 2018. ServiceTitan’s commercial features weren’t ready for him then, but now it’s a different story. Terry manages 50 people and does $10 million in yearly revenue. His goal is to double his headcount and grow to $50 million per year, using software to achieve it. “ServiceTitan was not a short-term play for me, it was a long-term play.”

Randi Thompson, Bill Joplin’s Air Conditioning and Heating, McKinney, Texas: 

Days after starting Marketing Pro, Bill Joplin’s Air Conditioning and Heating saw return on investment. Thompson, a service operations manager, was ecstatic. By far the most successful campaign so far has been the aging equipment one. “We've had almost $51,000 in ROI on that campaign,” she said.

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