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Why Your Contracting Business Should Harness the Power of Crowdsourcing

User IconAngelica Navarro
Clock IconMay 13th, 2021
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ServiceTitan is designed to help simplify contractor workflows and make day-to-day operations easier and more efficient. Your shop’s road to success might look different than another’s, but one thing can be said for all: Knowing how to get the optimal setup in ServiceTitan is essential for your business. 

Lots of resources are available for contractors to learn best practices that help them use ServiceTitan effectively. ServiceTitan Masterminds Facebook group, Knowledge Base articles, and of course, your success manager are a few that come to mind.

All these can help you answer questions and exchange ideas. But some of you may be looking for in-app content to download and use right away in your shops.

The Importance of In-App Content

One example of in-app content is Forms. Forms exist in ServiceTitan to help employees streamline their workflows, capture every revenue opportunity, and create a consistent customer experience. A few types of forms your shop might be using are:

  • Tech generated lead forms to create seamless hand-offs when there’s a replacement opportunity

  • Service call checklists to make sure techs inspect all required items before they leave a job

  • Estimate checklists where a salesperson can note all required items to ensure a successful installation

Tags are another example. When you create tags to apply to a customer in ServiceTitan, you’re helping your team identify information they should know about that customer before dispatching a tech (such as if they own a dog or if the tech will need an extra tall ladder). 

Creating in-app content takes a bit of work, and you may be wondering what to do if you or your team don’t have time to create it from scratch. Or you might be looking for ideas to help you get started or existing industry best practices to implement. 

Crowdsourcing: What it is and Why it Works

You’ve likely heard the saying, “Two heads are better than one.” This principle is the driving force behind crowdsourcing. Now, you might be thinking crowdsourcing in terms of fundraising, but in this case, you’re sourcing content from a crowd, the crowd being fellow ServiceTitan users and industry leaders. Think of it as the new way to “phone-a-friend.”

When you think about it, we actually crowdsource more than we realize. If you use Wikipedia, YouTube, or any useful app that relies on users to stay up to date (the GPS/navigation app Waze is one example), you’re crowdsourcing! 

Introducing a Better Way to Crowdsource 

Previously, crowdsourcing in-app content outside ServiceTitan was hard if not downright impossible. If you wanted to get a job checklist from another shop to compare to your own, for example, coding constraints and import/export requirements would pose a challenge. 

Enter TitanExchange, a powerful new ally to help you leverage and share in-app ServiceTitan content across geographies and industries. It’s in-app crowdsourcing for contractors!

With Titan Exchange, you can:

  • Get content like forms and tags from leading Titans and adapt them to your shop’s unique needs

  • Build your own library with content you’ve either created or downloaded

  • Quickly learn best practices to help your shop grow and become more efficient 

  • Save valuable time by not having to start from square one to create content

Whether you’re a small, mid-sized, or enterprise shop, TitanExchange gives you a new and convenient way to learn, collaborate with others, and become a stronger business—all within ServiceTitan.

» Get started today, and learn how to join other successful industry pros in TitanExchange!

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