Dale Jackson:
“Building the launching pad”
in LaGrange, Georgia

Jackson Services just celebrated 50 years in business, and you can hear the pride in Dale’s voice as he talks about the impact Jackson Services has on the community, and how working with ServiceTitan has changed the way they do business.


Welcome to LaGrange, Georgia

Take a trip with us down to LaGrange, Georgia — and let Dale Jackson, co-owner of Jackson Services, show you around his town. Dale’s partnership with ServiceTitan has led to lower downtimes for his customers, including Troup County — and its 517 units across 73 locations.


A Tornado Strikes, and Jackson Services Responds

An EF-3 tornado strikes Troup County, toppling trees and devastating homes across the region. Dale and his team respond right away to the disaster, with Dale asking the county manager, simply, “Where do you need us?”


More than just a business. “It’s family.”

It’s not just a business for Dale Jackson and the team. “It really means a lot to still say we’re family owned and operated.” In Part 3, watch how Dale describes his business, and what it means to him, his family — and his team and community.