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Whether you’re just getting started with the platform, or you’ve been using ServiceTitan for some time, there’s always something new to discover and ways to improve!

List of Workshops

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Configurable Payroll Workshop

This workshop will explore the Configurable Payroll feature added to the Payroll section within Settings. The purpose of this workshop is to teach attendees the proper set up process, creating profiles and rules, along with how to utilize custom payroll fields.

Intro to Call Booking and Dispatching

During this 1-hour training session, the trainer will cover ServiceTitan recommended workflows on Booking Jobs/Appointments and review the option and layout of the Dispatch Board in ServiceTitan.

Overcoming Common Quickbook Export Errors

Have you been running into errors when exporting your accounting records to Quickbooks Desktop? We appreciate that this can be a big blocker to keeping accurate and up to date records. This workshop will explore the top 6 errors commonly experienced when exporting to Quickbooks Desktop and will explain how to rectify those issues for a smooth export. Additionally, we’ll explain the importance of items like the General Ledger of Accounts and their corresponding connections in ServiceTitan. If you export accounting data to Quickbooks Desktop, you need to attend this workshop!

Phones Pro Workshop

ServiceTitan Phones Pro is a modern, cloud-based phone offering that is fully integrated with ServiceTitan and designed to improve your customer-facing team’s performance, drive higher booking rates, grow revenue and improve efficiency.


By attending this session you will learn the differences between services, materials, and types of equipment. You’ll also learn how to set flat rate prices through the Pricebook Modifier and look at how Time & Materials.

Pricebook Pro Workshop

ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro is the only Plumbing and HVAC pricebook designed for ServiceTitan, built based on customer feedback and industry data ensuring you offer the highest revenue-generating services at the right price.

Project Tracking

Project Tracking is a new set of powerful features to help you accurately track and manage your long-term projects in real-time. With the ability to progressively bill, invoice for retainage, capture change orders, and more, you have everything you need in one place to manage and collect payments for your projects effectively.

Reporting Workshop

The purpose of this training session is to understand what permissions go with reporting, where to get data in ServiceTitan, as well as how to run, create and schedule your own reports.

Service and Maintenance Workshop

During this Live Workshop, the trainer will demonstrate common workflows for Service/Maintenance jobs for technicians in the Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical Trades. This is meant to give you a basic understanding of how the ServiceTitan Mobile application works.

ServiceTitan Membership Basics

Customers who attend this training should leave the session with an understanding of how to build/edit memberships

Taking ServiceTitan Memberships to the Next Level

Customers who attend this training should leave the session with knowledge of how to sell a membership in the field or office. Then how to manage that membership throughout its lifecycle.

Time Tracking in ServiceTitan

In this session, you'll learn everything there is to know about timesheet tracking in ServiceTitan. Explore your employees’ experience clocking in and out of their shifts, tracking time in various activities throughout the day, and how you can release timesheets for approval once they're ready for sign-off.

Utilizing Estimate & Proposal Templates

This lesson is designed to introduce live customers to the Estimate and Proposal Template feature. It will provide an overview of how to create and edit estimate and proposal templates.