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Virtual |  3 Days

Back to Basics Training

Have you ever said "I wish I could just take a moment and go back to the basics?" If you've ever needed a refresher on the foundations of using ServiceTitan - you're in luck! In this course, you'll get a basic overview of how ServiceTitan works end to end, with guidance on how to best use the platform in your own roles. Have new staff? This course can double as an effective program to train new staff on ServiceTitan as well!


CSR 101

A role-specific program designed for new CSRs, those with less than a year experience, or for those who want to refresh on the basics of customer service. You’ll learn the soft skills of being a CSR, ServiceTitan key features, workflows, as well as communication and customer service pro-tips. This Bootcamp will provide an additional level of value for our attendees, designed to increase booking rates and improve customer experience.


CSR 102

Designed for those CSRs with over one year’s experience, we focus on specific features and best practices to help take their customer care to the next level. We also deep dive into ServiceTitan and highlight how to be a better team member and mentor to those new hires. This is a hands-on course that will allow you to practice what we cover in your Next environment.


CSR Manager Bootcamp

Designed specifically for CSR Managers. We cover how to effectively train your CSRs, help them utilize ServiceTitan, and share insight on increasing your call booking rate. Meet with other CSR Managers and discuss best practices. We can’t wait to help you improve your skills as a CSR Manager!


Dispatcher Bootcamp

This is a role based training for all skill levels and is intended for those whose handle Dispatching. Learn how to increase your customer care and utilize specific tools to ensure the right technician is assigned the right job. Meet other Dispatchers and share best practices. If you're looking to level up yourself or your Dispatchers, you are in the right place.


Custom ServiceTitan Training

Do you want to customize a training program specifically for your business needs? Then custom training may be the best fit for you. Working closely with one of the experts on our Training Team, we will design an agenda and curriculum that caters to your biggest training needs. Complete the form to get started!

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