About Us

The ServiceTitan Customer & Product Training Team is excited to work with you!

Our Mission

We are highly trained educators, who specialize in creating and delivering learning experiences in a variety of mediums that transfer knowledge, empower customers, facilitate conversations, and develop skills.

We design and deliver professional content that drives a positive customer and business impact using established learning theories, techniques and best practices. We are passionate about bringing the ServiceTitan product and experience to life.

Meet Our Team

Edgar Guerra

Manager, Customer Training

Edgar Guerra has been a member of the training team since 2020. He recently made the big move to Los Angeles from Austin, TX (against the flow of traffic). The majestic mountains and beautiful beaches are where he likes to spend his free time. Edgar is thrilled when he encounters an opportunity to resonate with and empower customers to create value for ServiceTitan customers!

Hilary Huett

Manager, Customer Training

Hilary Huett has been on the training team at ServiceTitan since 2020 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is passionate about increasing user confidence in ServiceTitan and empowering customers with the training they need to succeed!

Chrissie Kreidell

Instructional Designer

Chrissie Kreidell has been at ServiceTitan since 2018 and works remotely from Rome, GA. She is an animal lover at heart and shows it with her 5 dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses, and a ball python at home.

Amanda Skelton

Manager, Customer Training

Amanda Skelton has been at ServiceTitan since 2018, and works from our Atlanta office. When she is not working, Amanda is usually playing with her dog, Wilson, or traveling to new places with her husband.

Chantel Anderson

Training Specialist

Chantel Anderson has been on the training teams since 2020 and, she's based out of the Atlanta Office. She loves working with people and has a real passion for gardening.

Angela Miller

Manager, Customer Training

Angela Miller has been a member on the training team at ServiceTitan since 2020 and is out of the Atlanta, GA office (She was actually born in raised in Atlanta too!). Outside of ServiceTitan, Angela owns a catering company with her husband that produces a vegan cheese sauce (Yes! Chef Vegan Cheeze Sauce).

Manny Loarca

Sr. Training Specialist

Manny joined our training team in late 2020 and is based out of Los Angeles, CA. He's passionate about empowering people through education, and setting up teams and organizations for success. He is also passionate about In-N-Out Burgers.

Chelsea Howell

Lead Training Specialist

Chelsea Howell joined the ServiceTitan Training Team in 2020, and is based out of the Atlanta, GA office. With over eight (8) years of experience in Software Implementation & Training for organizations of all sizes, Chelsea is dedicated to providing an engaging, exceptional training experience to empower your success with ServiceTitan. She is a notorious Karaoke enthusaist.

Shea Horner

Internal Technical Training Program Manager

Shea Horner has been on the Training Team at ServiceTitan since 2019 where he started as a customer facing training specialist. Shea works remotely in Houston, Texas where he is passionate about onboarding new Titans at ServiceTitan and participating in Orangetheory after work!

Sasha Acosta

Training Specialist

Sasha Acosta has been on the training team at ServiceTitan since 2021, and works remotely from Miami, FL. As a trainer, she is passionate about adult education, and enjoys helping customers maximize their product experience.

Conner Wilkinson

Training Specialist

Conner Wilkinson has been on the Training Team here at ServiceTitan since summer 2021 and works remotely from Morgan, UT. Conner has grown up in and around the trades his whole life and understands the hard work and dedication it takes to help others and is excited to do just that here at ServiceTitan.

Ashley Baillio

Training Specialist

Ashley Baillio joined the ServiceTitan family in 2021 and is part of our training team, and works remotely out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ashley has fallen in love with this industry thanks to her spouse who is also a business owner in the trades. She's passionate about helping our customers find a better way to grow, and is excited to be part of your ServiceTitan journey.

Turquoise Turner

Training Specialist

Turquoise has been on the training team at ServiceTitan since 2021 and loving every moment. She works remotely from the home of the Braves, Atlanta, GA. Turquoise is passionate about helping others grow spiritually and owns a small business that allows her to do so.

Stephanie Weiss

Training Specialist

Stephanie Weiss joined ServiceTitan in 2021 and is based out of Los Angeles, CA. As a former classroom teacher, Stephanie loves to bring her teaching experience into customer training to create sessions that are engaging and fun!

Daniel Jacob

Training Specialist

Daniel Jacob has been on the training team at ServiceTitan since September 2021. He was previously a software trainer for another SaaS company based out of Florida for 3 years, but now lives and works remotely from Greenville, South Carolina.

Brandon Leyton

Sr. Training Specialist

Brandon Leyton lives in the Greater Los Angeles Area, is a former business owner, and has been with ServiceTitan since the beginning of 2021. His number one priority as a Training Specialist is making IMPACT on customers and leading them toward professional and personal success.

Gifford Bott

Training Specialist

Gifford Bott started with Service Titan in September 2021, and works remotely from Morgan, Utah. I developed a passion for customer service through years of service as a pest control technician and service manager for Orkin Pest Control.

Tiara Brown

Training Specialist

Tiara joined ServiceTitan in March 2021 and, as a training specialist, is passionate about empowering business owners with the product knowledge they need to take their companies to the next level using our software. She works remotely out of Atlanta, GA, loves all things seafood, and traveling with friends and family.

Eleazar Avraham

Training Specialist

Eleazar Avraham has joined our training Team in August 2021 and works in Atlanta.Georgia. As a tech enthusiast Eleazar is thoroughly intrigued by Service Titan's Software and enjoys training customers along their path to industry success!

Caitlin Harrington

Training Specialist

Caitlin Harrington has been with Service Titan since September 2021. She lives in Los Angeles, CA and loves taking her Boxer dogs (Barney and Betty Rubble) to the beach on the weekends.