Introducing Servicetitan and Resideo

Instantly connect to Resideo’s catalog of IAQ products & smart home devices

ServiceTitan and Resideo have partnered to create a new catalog integration that equips savvy contractors and their technicians with an innovative collection of indoor air quality products and smart home solutions. We’ve made it easier to update pricebooks with the latest, premium content, transforming estimates into eye-catching presentations that offer homeowners powerful, connected technologies to protect their investment.

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Give customers peace of mind with solutions that improve their home’s air quality, optimize their comfort, and allow them to detect trouble before it becomes catastrophic. Re...


Easily browse and import Resideo’s rich product catalog—including model numbers, product descriptions, premium images, and brochures—into your ServiceTitan Pricebook. With ins...


Empower technicians to simultaneously boost purchase confidence with professional “Good, Better, Best” estimates, and organically increase average ticket size by setting up yo...

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Resideo focuses on helping its network of professionals become home heroes by offering solutions that protect and conserve a home’s critical systems: air, water, energy, and security. As a leading global provider of intuitive, connected home solutions, it offers a simplified and integrated smart home experience. With more than 7 million connected customers and its network of 110,000 professional contractors, its technologies on the wall, behind the wall, and in the cloud help homeowners protect their family and their most important investment.

Dedicated to trust and innovation.

ServiceTitan and Resideo see a future in which more and more homeowners embrace smart home technology solutions, enabling contractors to proactively monitor systems, ultimately preventing premature failure in costly equipment and ensuring the comfort of homeowners. Our shared commitment to equip mutual customers with the tools they need to execute this vision is fully supported by both of our teams. We are here to ensure the success of our contractors.

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