ServiceTitan Rolls Out New Nexstar Edition

October 20, 2016

ServiceTitan and Nexstar Network team up to help residential contractors bring world-class Nexstar training and best practices into their software experience.

Glendale, Calif., October 20, 2016 — ServiceTitan, the leading provider of cloud-based business management software for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical residential contractors, today announced its new Nexstar Edition of ServiceTitan. Nexstar Network has teamed up with ServiceTitan to bring its world-class training out of the classroom and into the ServiceTitan experience to help members increase repeat business and drive more value for homeowners. The Nexstar Edition is a multi-phase product that will receive ongoing updates and content pushes to keep Nexstar members up to date on the latest material. Phase I is available now and is primarily focused on helping service and repair technicians easily execute key steps in the Service System process, from "Prepare" to "Wrap-Up," in order to improve performance in the field.

Nexstar Network was founded in 1992 to facilitate contractor success through education and sharing, a principle that still guides the organization today. Nexstar's purpose is to help home services contractors excel in customer service, profitability and employee engagement. The member-owned organization provides over 550 independent home services businesses networking opportunities through business training classes and leadership events, and one-on-one coaching opportunities through its network of experienced business, marketing, and customer service coaches.

"Nexstar and ServiceTitan share the same mission to champion the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical industry," said Ara Mahdessian, co-founder and CEO of ServiceTitan. "I watched my father sacrifice for years to build his home services business, so I have much respect for these contractors. We've dedicated ourselves to help them better manage their business, serve their customers, and grow their companies, and bringing in world class training from Nexstar into ServiceTitan is no exception. We're proud to partner with Nexstar and make it easy for technicians and office staff alike to perform their best at work."

"We are pleased to be part of a game-changing collaboration between Nexstar and ServiceTitan," said Jack Tester, CEO of Nexstar. "This is going to change the future of home services and gives Nexstar members the tools they need to grow their business."

The Nexstar Edition experience in ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0 helps residential contractors:

  • Prepare for the call by reviewing Nexstar-specific tags, sample of training videos, and performance metrics.

  • Greet and establish trust with the customer using the Service System "What's Going to Happen" framework.

  • Explore the customer's lifestyle and perform a thorough evaluation of the system using ready-made Nexstar forms.

  • Present and communicate value with pre-built Nexstar option templates. Easily pull up key information and match findings with the customer's expressed needs and wants as the technician presents options.

  • Execute quality work and leave a great impression by showing gratitude and offering continued support through the Service Partner Plan.

  • Wrap-Up and evaluate performance using the Curbside Feedback Evaluation Form. Better understand what was done well and find opportunities for further improvement.

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 Nexstar Network®  is a trusted partner in helping more than 550 independent residential service contractors improve their businesses and has been since 1992. Nexstar members benefit from comprehensive business training, proprietary processes and systems, and dedicated business, call center and marketing coaches. More information can be found at

About ServiceTitan®

ServiceTitan is a mobile, cloud-based software platform that helps home service companies streamline operations, improve customer service, and grow their business. ServiceTitan's end-to-end solution for the multi-billion dollar residential home service industry includes CRM, intelligent dispatch, comprehensive reporting, marketing management tools, mobile connectivity for field techs, and Quickbooks integration. ServiceTitan brings a fully operational modern SaaS infrastructure to an industry traditionally underserved by software. ServiceTitan is the preferred software for hundreds of  the world's  most successful plumbing, HVAC, and electrical companies in the U.S. and Canada. For more information about ServiceTitan, visit

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