ServiceTitan Community Code of Conduct

ServiceTitan is proud and grateful for the opportunity to impact our customers’ businesses and livelihoods through our products and services. Our core values of changing lives, achieving the extraordinary, and being a great team drive our success and growth. 

Our customers come from all across the country and internationally, representing businesses big and small. We strive to mirror that diversity across our workforce and believe that the best, most talented team is key to delivering unparalleled value to our customers and partners. To drive this success for our customers, we both commit to and expect the upholding of certain core values from our customer and partner community. These core values are front and center in all our dealings with one another. Therefore, we ask that all of our employees, customers, partners, and vendors adhere to our Community Code of Conduct. 

The principles of our Community Code of Conduct are the following: 

  • An environment of mutual respect and collaboration.
    To that goal, discrimination, harassment and bullying in any form (verbal, physical, or visual) on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or any other characteristics of an individual has no place in this business.  We respect, foster, value, and protect our differences and expect all in our community to do the same. 

  • A comfortable and healthy work environment.
    No one should feel personally uncomfortable in business dealings, and any actions which contravene this by anyone in our community, including our employees or any customers, partners, vendors, or contractors, is not acceptable. 

  • Transparent and open communication.

    We believe in transparent and fair communications, and that honest, constructive yet professional feedback drives improvement. Should any party feel uncomfortable with an interaction or believe that another’s conduct has violated this Community Code of Conduct, both sides commit to having a conversation with the other party--or their leadership--about the interaction.

We believe that adherence to the Community Code of Conduct will lead to the most effective and successful relationship between all parties. These principles stand in every medium:  in-person, in writing, over the phone, via video conferencing, or otherwise.  ServiceTitan will exercise due diligence in investigating complaints and reports about violations of this Community Code of Conduct and take further action as necessary.

We are incredibly proud of the successes our customers experience every day and ServiceTitan’s role in them. We commit to deliver our best work for the success of our customers, partners and employees in an environment of fairness, transparency and mutual respect.