Electrical Bidding Software

What is Electrical Bidding Software?

Electrical bidding software ignites techs to work more efficiently, bid better pricing, and convert more sales by automating the bid-preparation process. Increase average tickets and profits using superior electrical bidding software to quickly calculate time, materials, and margins on every job.

"We’ve seen an improvement in efficiency within every department of our company. We’ve been able to take more steps toward being paperless using ServiceTitan."

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Deliver Electrical Bids Optimized to Win New Jobs

The Easier Way to Win New Jobs

Timing Efficiency

Empower your electricians to sell and service more jobs while reducing manual bid-prep.

Clear Project Scope

Prevent scope creep by clearly outlining project parameters in a professional bid presentation.

No-Nonsense Pricing

Access a total inventory of products, services, and price lists to alleviate customer concerns.

Bidding Excellence

Outshine the competition and wow potential customers with vivid product details and photos.



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