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Grow revenue and increase your average ticket
Book more estimates from the office with intelligent call tracking features, then win more jobs in the field with a powerful visual sales experience.
Connect your office to your techs with real-time data
Forget double entry, keep your team on the same page, and be more efficient with real-time updates between the field and the office.
Create an extraordinary customer experience
Send automated “meet-the-tech” bios and let customers see their tech driving to their house on a map to reduce anxiety and prepare for the call.

Garage Door Software

Garage Door Dispatch Software

Fleet Management Tools that Enable Your Team to Do More. Avoid delays and remedy conflicts with an intuitive dispatch board. Keep techs and dispatchers on the same page with SMS texting. Pair skilled techs with profitable jobs with a simple drag-and-drop.

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Garage Door Scheduling Software

The Call Booking Tools Designed to Surpass Expectations. Give CSRs instant access to rich customer profiles and job histories. Autopopulate various fields to streamline the scheduling process. Track conversions and record calls to monitor CSR performance.

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Garage Door Financing

An Integrated Financing Tool for On-the-Spot Approval. Submit homeowner applications right from your tech's tablet. Secure financing approval for the customer in less than a minute. Rely on trusted financing technology provided by Greensky and TURNS.

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Garage Door Marketing

Real-Time Marketing Data that Zeroes in on ROI. Compile real-time data to track incoming revenue -- not call counts. Boost campaigns that are having an impact and pause those that don't. Generate unique phone numbers to easily launch new, trackable campaigns.

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Garage Door Management Software

Growing Your Business Means First Understanding Its Data. Customize dashboards to view your data the way you want to. Watch critical KPIs (revenue, booked jobs, etc.) in real-time. Leverage your data right out of the box with 150 pre-loaded metrics.

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Garage Door Software For Quickbooks

Industry-Leading Technology to Manage Your Finances. Spare your team hours of work with streamlined payroll tools. Process and categorize credit card payments captured by techs.

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Garage Door Customer Experience

Today's Homeowner Expects a New Level of Convenience. Remind homeowners of upcoming appointments with automated texts and emails. Break the ice by texting tech bios to customers before their appointment. Keep homeowners in the loop with the Tech Tracker map and concrete ETAs.

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A1 Garage Door Service Grew Revenue by 48% with ServiceTitan

Garage Door

See why A1 Garage was our Titan of the Month

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Thomas Mello

Thomas Mello

Thomas MelloServiceTitan has improved our business immensely in allowing us to have so much detailed information about every aspect of our business. Initially, we were shocked about some of the things we uncovered that we didn’t even know were problems with our old CRM. We have worked hard to fix all of those newly revealed issues, and operations run much smoother now. ServiceTitan allows us to run the modern business that our customers are coming to expect more and more each day.

Owner, A1 Garage Door Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is garage door software?

Garage door software is an essential tool for garage door home service companies to run all areas of their business. ServiceTitan is a prime example of garage door software. Made for all businesses performing this residential service, it improves efficiency in the call center, dispatching, technician sales and service, customer service, marketing and more.

If you’re an garage door home service company, management software is a must-have tool if you want to grow your business or run it more efficiently with less overhead — or both.

What are the benefits of using garage door software?

Modern garage door home service software applications are all-in-one software platforms to run your business, which allow every team and person in your company to be on the same page. When running on an all-in-one software, updates made in the office will appear instantly on the technician’s tablet. Updates from technicians, such as estimates, invoices, payments, etc., will automatically appear on the office side as well. These features improve communication and help you cut back on a lot of tedious, double-entry paperwork.

Another huge benefit of running on an all-in-one garage door software platform is the mobile app for technicians. Enabled with job details, work history, notes, previous estimates and even pictures, your technicians will carry context into every job to provide better quality customer service. Additionally, best-in-class garage door software such as ServiceTitan will allow technicians to build estimates with multiple price options in minutes. These estimates and the quick turnaround are proven to increase estimate conversion rate, thus increasing the average job ticket.

Does your garage door software have a mobile app?

ServiceTitan’s award-winning mobile app, ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0, is the industry standard. Because it’s frequently updated for increased speed and additional features, your techs will always be using the latest and greatest technology with Mobile 2.0. And you never have to worry about those members of your team with a little less technology know-how, because we designed Mobile 2.0 to be intuitive and easy to use.

ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0 makes the technician’s job easier and faster. It provides them all the info they need about their customer, directions to the customer’s home, notifications of new jobs, the ability to build multi-option estimates, the workflow necessary to take payments and more.

Does your garage door software integrate with Quickbooks?

Yes. ServiceTitan integrates with the online and Premier and Enterprise desktop versions of Quickbooks.

How can a software grow a garage door business?

Garage door businesses running on a modern, all-in-one software platform are able to add more technicians — the source of most of your company’s profits — without needing to add more office staff. ServiceTitan features built exclusively for the office make business reporting, bookkeeping, and answering and dispatching calls a whole lot easier.

ServiceTitan customers also see business growth through improved sales and service by the technician. ServiceTitan’s mobile app equips technicians to arrive at each job fully informed, allowing them to provide better customer service, which results in more and better online reviews and customer referrals. The multi-option estimate builder helps technicians close more jobs at a higher average ticket, increasing the profit per technician across the entire company.

What is the best software for garage door companies?

The best software for your team of garage door technicians and your office staff is the one you think will help you achieve your business goals the most effectively. Evaluate different software applications based on feature set, reliability, update frequency and support.

Thousands of residential home service companies choose ServiceTitan as their software because it’s very easy to use and it was built from the ground up to help you grow and manage your business more effectively. It’s our company mission to improve the business and lives of every home service company. ServiceTitan was started by Ara and Vahe 8 years ago to help their dads run their home services businesses. Since then, ServiceTitan has raised nearly $100M to continue to improve the software, to better serve our customers, and to ensure that we’ll be able to provide you with whatever solutions the future of your industry demands.

What if I have a garage door technician who isn’t comfortable with technology?

We built our mobile app, ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0, with non-tech people in mind. With just a day or two of training, you’ll be amazed at how comfortable anyone can be with ServiceTitan.

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