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What is Configurable Payroll?

Configurable Payroll is a robust and flexible performance-pay solution tailored for the trades, unlike any other. Eliminate manual commission calculations and the additional requirement of creating a separate data report for payroll processing. Streamline it with time tracking in one report, from the same source.

Why should I automate performance pay?

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Configurable Payroll lets you automate commission and bonus calculations based on a variety of flexible pay rules. You can create as many payroll profiles and pay rules required to fit your unique performance-based pay needs.

Some of the things you can do are create separate bonus structures for sales teams in different markets; assign higher commission rates to senior-level technicians; add bonuses for services that require specialized skills; or set up sliding bonus scales to incentivize high-volume performers.

The following can be set up with Configurable Payroll:

  • Revenue Commission Structures
  • SPIFFs / Bonuses
  • Hourly Pay, with SPIFFs or a Percentage of the Job, Plus a Percentage for System Sales
  • Gross Margin Commission Structure
  • Gross Margin Commission with Percentage Based on Range of Profit or Discounts Given
  • Piece Work Pay
  • Sold Hour / Billable Hour / Ticket Time

Works package customers have exclusive access to Configurable Payroll. This feature is a premium offering, which includes dedicated set-up with a team of payroll specialists.