What is Configurable Payroll?

Configurable Payroll is a robust and flexible performance-pay solution tailored for the trades, unlike any other. Eliminate manual commission calculations and the additional requirement of creating a separate data report for payroll processing. Streamline it with time tracking in one report, from the same source.

Why should I automate performance pay?

Simplify the complex

Leveraging the power of software intelligence to calculate complex performance pay structures each pay period makes your job easier.

Automate. Save time and money

Automatic performance pay calculation save priceless time and reduce human error.

Incentivize with ease

Offer flexible and competitive incentive packages that set you apart from the competition. Increase your ability to attract and retain talent.

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Still have questions?

Configurable Payroll lets you automate commission and bonus calculations based on a variety of flexible pay rules. You can create as many payroll profiles and pay rules required to fit your unique performance-based pay needs.

Some of the things you can do are create separate bonus structures for sales teams in different markets; assign higher commission rates to senior-level technicians; add bonuses for services that require specialized skills; or set up sliding bonus scales to incentivize high-volume performers.

The following can be set up with Configurable Payroll:

  • Revenue Commission Structures
  • SPIFFs / Bonuses
  • Hourly Pay, with SPIFFs or a Percentage of the Job, Plus a Percentage for System Sales
  • Gross Margin Commission Structure
  • Gross Margin Commission with Percentage Based on Range of Profit or Discounts Given
  • Piece Work Pay
  • Sold Hour / Billable Hour / Ticket Time

Works package customers have exclusive access to Configurable Payroll. This feature is a premium offering, which includes dedicated set-up with a team of payroll specialists.