Chimney Sweep Software

Increase sales and streamline operations with chimney sweep business software.

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Book Better Jobs, Close Bigger Sales
A vivid, mobile sales app, auto-populating customer profiles, and hi-res image/video capture are just some of the tools your team will have to showcase your services.
Keep Techs Connected to the Rest of Your Team
Cloud-based software means that your techs are always aware of job updates, can generate custom forms, and stay in sync with your office.
Provide Customers a Mobile-Driven Experience
Now homeowners can expect SMS text notifications, online tech tracking, and other must-have conveniences with every appointment.

Chimney Sweep Software

Chimney Sweep Dispatching Software

Avoid delays and remedy conflicts with an intuitive drag-and-drop dispatch board. Keep techs and dispatchers on the same page with SMS texting. Give dispatchers a clear picture of all upcoming jobs to increase schedule efficiency.

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Chimney Sweep Scheduling Software

Delight customers with white-glove service features. Greet incoming callers by name and easily access job histories. Reduce call time with streamlined, point-and-click call booking. Track conversion rates and record calls to better coach your CSRs.

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Chimney Sweep Software for Financing

Secure on-the-spot financing approval for qualified homeowners. Let homeowners submit their application from your tech’s tablet and receive approval in less than a minute. Trust in safe, reliable financing technology from Greensky and TURNS.

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Chimney Sweep Marketing Software

Monitor campaign ROI in real-time. Create unique, trackable phone numbers for new campaigns with just a few clicks. Boost effective campaigns and suspend ineffective ones. Forget call counts and clock campaign performance by generated revenue.

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Chimney Sweep Management Software

Strategize growth with a comprehensive suite of business analytics. Customize dashboards to track incoming numbers the way you want to. Watch KPIs in real-time and leverage your data right out of the box with 150 pre-loaded metrics.

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Chimney Sweep Software for Quickbooks

Manage your finances with powerful chimney sweep accounting software. Eliminate hours of reconciliation by optimizing payroll and bookkeeping tasks. Process and categorize homeowner credit card payments captured by techs in the field.

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Chimney Sweep Customer Experience

Allow your office and customers to communicate with one another right over SMS text. Automate text reminders and recommendations for homeowners to ensure job success. Break the ice by sending tech bios to customers before appointments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using chimney sweep software?

Modern chimney software offers an all-in-one software platform to run your business and keep every member of your team on the same page. When running on cloud-based software, updates made in the office will appear instantly on the technician’s tablet. Updates from technicians, such as estimates, invoices, and captured payments will automatically appear on the office side, as well. These features improve communication and help you cut back on a lot of tedious, double-entry paperwork. 

Another benefit of running on a comprehensive chimney sweep software platform is the mobile app for technicians. Armed with job details, inspection history, notes, previous estimates and even pictures and videos, your technicians will carry valuable context into every job and provide better quality customer service. Additionally, best-in-class software, such as ServiceTitan, allows technicians to build estimates with multiple price options just a few taps. These compelling, three-tiered estimates are proven to increase proposal conversion rate and, consequently, increase the average job ticket.

How can a software grow a chimney sweep business?

ServiceTitan customers see business growth through improved sales and service in the field. Equipped with a mobile app, your technicians and installers will arrive to each home fully informed and able to provide better quality service to customers. That results in better reviews and more referrals. A multi-option estimate builder also helps sweeps close more jobs at a higher average ticket, driving new revenue and pushing home service businesses to the next level. 

Comprehensive business analytics—like the ones provided by the ServiceTitan’s reporting tools—also give business owners a real-time perspective on the metrics and numbers that mean the most to their business. Empowered by this kind of rich insight on operations, business owners can improve trouble areas, squash wasteful costs, and appropriately strategize for future growth.

Does your chimney sweep software integrate with Quickbooks?

Yes. ServiceTitan integrates with the online and desktop versions of Quickbooks.

Does your chimney sweep software have a mobile app?

ServiceTitan’s award-winning mobile app, ServiceTitan Mobile, is the industry standard. It provides home service technicians with customer profiles, directions to customer homes, notifications of new jobs, the ability to build multi-option estimates, point-of-sale payment capture, customizable, paperless forms to ensure safety compliance, and more.

 Technicians can also take photos and videos of a customer’s chimney or stove via ServiceTitan Mobile and instantly upload to the cloud with the appropriate documentation attached.

What if I have a chimney technician who isn’t comfortable with technology?

We built our mobile app, ServiceTitan Mobile, to be intuitive and easy to use. Only a day or two of training are needed to get technicians acclimated to the app. It’s made for any and every technology comfort level, so even technology-adverse technicians can find their footing and capitalize on the app’s benefits.

Can our technicians use the mobile app to take and store photos and videos?

Yes! Your techs can take and store 100+ photos or videos on each customer record within the ServiceTitan Mobile app and your office staff can see the photos as they’re uploaded in real-time. Now techs can demonstrate via their tablet screen any problem areas on a customer’s property and attach photos to inspection forms, further explaining and proving the value of your chimney sweep services to homeowners.

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