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Payroll Pro makes handling what used to be a 2-day task ‘too good to be true’

Pat McManamon
February 7th, 2022
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There’s easy, and there’s easier. Then there’s making-things-so-easy-it-seems-ridiculous.

For Richard and Felicia Flournoy of A-Total Plumbing in the Atlanta area, adding ServiceTitan’s Payroll Pro to their regular ServiceTitan software hit the latter option.

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It used to take them days to complete their payroll with their former software. With Payroll Pro, Felicia said it’s less than 30 minutes.

No exaggeration.

“(Before ServiceTitan) Felicia would literally spend two days on payroll, if not more,” said Richard, who founded A-Total Plumbing in 2001. “Then, when we switched to ServiceTitan, probably three months after that she figured out how to cut that time down to four hours, and then now she's saying an hour.

“That in itself pays for everything we do in ServiceTitan.”

For the Flournoys, the time savings isn’t just a convenience, it makes a significant difference in their lives. Their 18-year-old-son, Jackson, has Moebius syndrome and requires 24-hour nursing care. The rare congenital condition requires regular ventilator assistance. So any added efficiency at work makes for more time with Jackson.

Every little bit helps, and with Payroll Pro the help is significant. Felicia said that with their previous software, pay stubs were posted on a separate website, secure to each individual employee.

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“People would forget their password and something would happen with the link, and it was a nightmare,” she said.

ServiceTitan has everything on the dashboard, and pay stubs contain detailed information on benefits, commission and bonuses as well as the fundamentals of pay itself.

“It’s all right there,” Felicia said. “And they can access it through their dashboard on their iPad or whatnot. They can see it, print it, email it to themselves—do whatever they want.

“Cutting out the middleman of the other company for payroll was the biggest thing. But this is going to cut a lot of actual paperwork too.

“Everything is in there.”

Employees can approve or dispute the amount, with disputes handled within ServiceTitan.

“It’s easier for them to see all the work they’ve done,” she said. “Everything's done over the computer without trying to have somebody turn in a bunch of paperwork to me.”

ServiceTitan also made it easier for Felicia and the business to handle tax planning. She can see the taxes due from each employee almost immediately.

“I’m not having to wait two hours for a report to know how much in taxes I’m going to pay, to make that deposit in my payroll account,” she said “I see it right then and there.”

The pair also rave about the reports that can be created with ServiceTitan and the way the software handles memberships. Add that to their belief in Payroll Pro, and both are more than pleased they joined the ServiceTitan community. 

Their experience, Richard said, suggests the cloud-based software for the trades can be viewed as an investment, not an expense.

“When I originally looked at it,” Richard said, “I was thinking, ‘There's no way we could afford what this costs,’ and now if you doubled the price, if you tripled the price, I don't think we would cancel. It's that amazing.

“You always hear about stuff that sounds too good to be true, and usually it is. ServiceTitan sounded too good to be true. And then, it was true. So … “

Felicia’s advice to those who ask: “If you’re not on it, you should be on it.”

“I think about our very first month on ServiceTitan (in July of 2020),” Richard said. “There was a massive growth from the month before to just that first month, and the only big change we did that month was ServiceTitan.

“So from an efficiency standpoint, it instantly paid for itself.”

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