9 Critical Steps to Hit $150M AR with Tommy Mello

May 9th 2022

Guest speakers
Tommy Mello

Owner, A1 Garage Door Service

A1 Garage Logo

Jody Underhill


Rapid Hire Pro

Adam Cronenberg

COO, A1 Garage Door

A1 Garage Door, Phoenix, AZ

What you will learn:
  • How owners should lead, delegate, and get out of the daily grind of the business

  • Why hiring for attitude and training for skill creates an exceptional customer experience

  • How to reframe sales training to develop and nurture top-performing techs

Building outstanding processes, leadership, and culture positioned Tommy Mello’s business, A1 Garage Door, for $150 million in revenue this year, freeing him to shift his focus to helping other contractors succeed.

The result is Vertical Track, a two-day industry event focused on helping contractors unlock potential and reach unfathomable levels of success. As a trusted partner and longtime ServiceTitan customer, Tommy is giving us a sneak peek at what Vertical Track will offer attendees during this free webinar.

Join Tommy, Adam Cronenberg of A1 Garage Door, and Jody Underhill of RapidHirePro for our live webinar, and learn the nine critical steps Tommy took to build a strong foundation for his success.