How to Maximize Opportunities During The Busy Season

July 23rd 2020

Guest speakers
Steve Miles


Jerry Kelly Heating and Air Conditioning

What you will learn:
  • Empower customers to define their level of need with adjustable diagnostic fees

  • How to implement a “catch and release” policy to prioritize your highest opportunity calls

  • Learn to identify which techs you should send on the highest opportunity calls

  • Plus, learn the importance of hyper-focused market penetration

Service entrepreneurs, CSRs, and technicians alike all know that not all calls have the same opportunities. So when your busy season approaches how do you identify and prioritize a potential new install over a tune-up?

Steve Miles, VP, and CEO at Jerry Kelly, an HVAC company in Missouri pacing to hit $10.5M this year, knows the struggle owners face when they hit capacity day-over-day, which is why he’s agreed to share his foolproof strategy for triaging high opportunity calls and sending the right tech on the right job during this live webinar.

Save your seat today and get a recording of the webinar, even if you can’t make it the day of!

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