ServiceTitan Referrals

Refer Your Friends & Receive Rewards!

Help us spread the word about ServiceTitan. When you do, you’ll earn rewards in three simple steps.

Here's What You'll Receive

$500 Per Qualified Introduction* For every Qualified Introduction you make to ServiceTitan, you'll receive $500 simply for introducing us to a commercial services company that matches our criteria.

Up to $10,000 Per New Titan** Better yet, for every one of your commercial referrals that become a New Titan, you'll receive a percentage of their annual ServiceTitan payment - up to $10,000!

Your Rewards

For every referral that attends a demo, you’ll earn a Qualified Introduction Reward of $500… even if they don’t join ServiceTitan!

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Get $500

For every referral that attends a demo, you’ll earn a Qualified Introduction Reward of $500… even if they don’t join ServiceTitan!

Earn up to $10,000

If your referral joins ServiceTitan and stays live for 90 days, you'll earn a New Titan Reward of up to $10,000!

Win a 2021 Ford F-150

If you refer the most New Titans by the end of August 2021, you can win a Raptor…  and a custom wrap to go on it!

Refer and Earn!

ServiceTitan Enables Commercial Businesses to Succeed

See how Frank Gay Services is gearing up on the commercial side with ServiceTitan.

Refer a New Titan!

Refer the most New Titans before the end of the year, and you can win big!

Still have questions?

A referral occurs when a ServiceTitan customer or other industry professional connects our team with a service business they feel could benefit from our software.

Introducing us to your referrals is easy: You can use our referral submission form to get the process started now.

Important: For a referral to qualify, you must introduce the referred business to our Sales Team via phone or email.

Unfortunately, you cannot refer yourself—you must refer a new customer who isn’t already using ServiceTitan. For example, if you already use ServiceTitan and you open up a new company, you will not get credit for referring yourself.

In addition, you cannot refer a business that has already been in communication with our Sales Team.

Note: You do not have to be a current ServiceTitan customer to refer a potential ServiceTitan customer, so refer away!

ServiceTitan is software for the entire service industry, including residential and commercial. We serve the following markets and are always adding new markets:


Important: Referred businesses must have at least three technicians and one full-time office employee.

Once your referral has been vetted by our Sales Team as a good fit for ServiceTitan, our Sales Team will try to book your referral for a software demo.

If your referral attends the demo, it is considered a Qualified Introduction, and you are eligible for a Qualified Introduction Reward.

Note: Your referral form submission has to be the reason the business decided to attend the demo, and the form has to be submitted no more than 30 days before the date of the ServiceTitan demo.

Once your referral has been live on ServiceTitan for 90 days, they are considered a New Titan, and you will receive a New Titan Reward. This reward is a percentage of your referral’s annual spend with ServiceTitan (excluding Pro Products).

With each New Titan Reward you receive, the value of your reward increases:

  • 1st referral: 10% of your referral’s annual spend
  • 2nd referral: 15% of your referral’s annual spend
  • 3rd referral: 20% of your referral’s annual spend

Each New Titan Reward gets capped at $10,000—but there is no limit to how many of these rewards you can receive!

Whoever has the most referrals that sign up and stay live with ServiceTitan for 90 days from 6/30/2020 to 8/31/2021 will win a 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor along with a custom wrap with a design of your choice to go onto the Raptor.

Remember, only referrals who have been live on ServiceTitan for 90 days (New Titan) count. Qualified Introductions do NOT count.

Note, if you’ve already won a Ford F-150 Raptor from us before, you will not be eligible to win a second Ford F-150 Raptor. Also, non-ServiceTitan customers are not eligible to win a Ford F-150 Raptor.

When you refer a business to ServiceTitan, it truly is the biggest compliment you could give us. Please read the full terms and conditions for our Customer Referral Rewards Program and Competitions here.

As a participant in ServiceTitan referral programs, in the event you post or share information about ServiceTitan or such programs via social media, you must disclose your material connection to ServiceTitan and follow the Federal Trade Commission’s Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The following hashtags should be used in all social media posts: #Sponsored, #ST_ReferralProgram.

Please email with any ServiceTitan referral related questions. We’re happy to help!

If you're interested in our affiliate program, please email