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    Work from Home Guide

    In lieu of recent events surrounding COVID-19, the ServiceTitan Phones Pro team wants to make sure your business is set up for success regardless of current global circumstances. We understand that many of our customers may have instructed their employees to work remotely and have put together the following guidance/best practices on setting up ServiceTitan Phones Pro to enable working-from-home. See below for a guide on how to use essential functions on the Dialpad Desktop App and the Dialpad Mobile App to get started. IMPORTANT: A user’s remote network or equipment may not be stable enough to support Phones Pro and may lead to poor call quality or missed calls.  ServiceTitan cannot guarantee call quality at home as remote network infrastructure stability and hardware are not the responsibility of ServiceTitan.

    >>Video version of this WFH Guide is available here

    Initial Setup

    Network Test

    Users will need to run the following Network Test to see if their home network is stable enough to support Phones Pro. Phones Pro is a data-intensive platform and poor network can affect call quality and the transmission of calls to your account. 

    It is very likely that your network at home will return a partial failure, due to consumer grade hardware. If this is the case, you should prepare yourself for "Mobile Usage," in the event that you encounter any issues with call quality or time to connect on the phone.

    Partial Failure of the test will not restrict you from using the Phones Pro service, but is an indicator that you might experience degraded quality at time.

    • Input “1” for “Concurrent Calls”, [Your Company Name] as the “Company Name” and your name in the “First & Last Name” field. 

    • Once all the information has been inputted, hit the “Start VOIP Assessment” button to start the Network Test. The test should take about five minutes to complete.

    • Once the test is complete, the user will be notified whether or not they passed the test,

      • If the user passes the test, then they are good to go!

      • If the user does not pass the test, please forward a screenshot of the test results to Support and follow the instructions for Call Taking on the Mobile App below.


    Users may use any set of headphones that connect directly to their devices. Once connected, open the Dialpad Desktop App and click the headphones located on the top bar of the app to begin testing the audio input and output for the selected headphones. 

    For a visual demonstration of this process check out the video here.

    Quick Tips for Desktop Usage

    For Admins, you may consider increasing your ring duration slightly if it is currently lower than 25-30 seconds. This step is intended to give users not used to taking calls on these platforms ample time to situate themselves in their new work environment and answer the call with the same tone and demeanor as they would in office.

    To increase ring duration, click into the call center/department you wish to increase ring duration for and follow the steps below:

    • Select Business Hours and Call Routing

    • Scroll down to the Ring Duration slider and adjust accordingly 

    Mobile Usage

    If a user has an insufficient network for running Phones Pro, they can also access calls through the Dialpad Mobile App. 

    To download the Dialpad Mobile App, search for “Dialpad” in your mobile phone’s app store and download where prompted. Once downloaded, review the following article on how to get set up to take calls on Mobile.

    See below for a general overview of the steps outlined in the article linked above:

    1. Once on the Mobile App, please select the profile icon in the top left corner and ensure it’s are not set to “Do Not Disturb” and have “HD Calling” enabled. This will run calls over your Wi-Fi network if the connection is strong enough, with your own carrier network being the backup.

    2. Go to Settings on your mobile phone and ensure that notifications are switched to “ON” for the app.

    Quick Tips for Mobile

    • The Home button will show all recent calls the user has taken or made

    • Inbox will show your personal calls info/history to your Direct number

    • Department will allow the user to view the current status of a selected department.

    • Call Centers will be similar to the Department view and will show the user’s availability status at the top. Please ensure that you are on “Available” when ready for customer calls.

      • The check marks on the left determine the “Do Not Disturb” status for each call center. Please be mindful of this selection.

    Mobile Call Taking

    Inbound Calls

    When receiving an inbound call, you will be provided with a notification on your phone of where the call is ringing you from (ie. Main Call Center, Accounts Payable, Tech Line, etc.)

    • Select the notification to be taken directly to the app to answer the call

    Outbound Calls 

    When calling outbound the user will need to be clicked out of a Call Center or Department:

    • Click the plus sign on the right, select new call, review your Caller ID, and then punch in the numbers to make the call.

    • If you are working with ServiceTitan click to call, you will click the number, your phone will ring from one of your tracking numbers, you answer, press 1 and then will be connected.


    For any issues with setup or functionality it is best to connect with our dedicated Phones Pro Support Team using the following channels:

    • Phone: 818-877-4675

    • Chat: Select Help>Ask Support>Select ServiceTitan Phones Pro

    • Email:

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