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Maintenance appointments appear to be the hardest hit business unit among ServiceTitan customers in areas where COVID-19 is a major concern, although some contractors continue to successfully complete them. It is at your business’ discretion to decide if you’d like to continue these appointments.


Serve all customers and explain to customers why tune-ups are necessary

If your inbound call volume is low, your team needs to start dialing outbound. Contractors that continue to have success with tune-ups have standardized a script that explains the necessity of doing maintenance now to equipment failing in the coming weeks as the weather starts to get meaningfully hotter. Below is an example script.

“Mrs. Jones, we’re calling you regarding the maintenance of your air conditioning system. The weather is expected to become meaningfully hotter in the coming weeks, and with kids and parents home more than ever now, we want to avoid the kind of situation where your air conditioning system experiences problems at a time when it’s hot and we have a backlog of other families to get to and are unable to get to you immediately. So we have decided to serve our community in this time of need. Additionally, humidity impacts a virus’ ability to spread, so when we come out, we will check to make sure your system is correctly controlling for humidity. And out of an abundance of caution, we are taking all kinds of measures to protect you and your technician during this visit.”

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