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Maintenance appointments appear to be the hardest hit business unit among ServiceTitan customers in areas where COVID-19 is a major concern, although some contractors continue to successfully complete them. It is at your business’ discretion to decide if you’d like to continue these appointments.


Decide if you’re going to do tune-ups

The first decision you need to make is whether you’re going to continue to do tune-ups. Some contractors might think they’re not essential. Others might consider them essential because they can’t let their communities get stuck in a heat wave with lots of broken systems that can’t all be fixed immediately, especially when families are now going to be in their homes during the day (instead of in an air conditioned school or office building). It can be a major health concern for a family to be stuck in 100-degree weather with no air conditioning while a contractor is backed up with dozens of other families to tend to. Only you can determine what the right decision is for you. Our only suggestion is that you explicitly make one.

Strategies to consider if you decide to continue to do tune-ups are detailed throughout the rest of this chapter.

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