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Work from home

If you decide to work from home – or if your state or county mandates it – know that you can do so easily with ServiceTitan. Since ServiceTitan is cloud-based and accessible from practically any device with an internet connection, your team will be able to access all of our customer and job information from their homes and continue business as usual.


Continue your regular meeting & training cadences virtually

ServiceTitan Content Portal For Remote Trainings and Messages

In order to allow your employees to work remotely and stay connected to training and important messages, you can use the content portal in ServiceTitan. This feature can be set up so that an administrator can decide which training is needed and then post them on the portal. You can also post messages or anything else you would like. For a step by step guide to the content portal, click here.

Google Hangouts

Google offers two similar meeting products, Hangouts and Meet! Meetings can be scheduled in advance or started spontaneously. There are no downloads and people can join right from their browser. These free products available for Google customers that include popular features.

  • Screenshare to show reports or other information.

  • Join from a variety of devices.

  • Host groups of up to 150 people.


Zoom is a popular video conferencing tool for businesses. Meetings can be scheduled in advance or started on the fly. For meetings under 40 minutes and with fewer than 100 participants, Zoom is free. Aside from typical “conference call” features like a dial in number or video calling, there are a few important features that are especially relevant for contractors. All links in this section point to Zoom support articles. 

  • Screenshare: Any user can share their screen. This is useful for managers running meetings, but can also be useful for technicians looking to share their screen

  • Annotations: This is just like the Doodle feature in ServiceTitan Mobile!

  • Ability to join a meeting from any device (phone, tablet, or computer)

  • Attention tracking: If you are the meeting host, this feature will let you know if you participants have another screen pulled up for 30 seconds or more while the host (or another participant) is sharing their screen.

Best practices for training or meeting virtually

If there is one thing to remember about training virtually, it’s that you have to redefine your “normal meeting.” For example, the organic small talk that happens before a normal meeting or training is absent. People might feel shy about interrupting or asking questions. And, most obviously, it’s harder to hold people accountable to being present when they’re not actually in the room.

Here are 7 things to think about as you start meeting and training remotely:

  1. What are your rituals?

  2. What are your rules?

  3. What is the participation level you expect?

  4. What responsibilities do participants have?

  5. How will you keep people on track?

  6. How will you check for understanding along the way?

  7. How will you keep people engaged?

We’ve put together a guide that goes in-depth on each of these questions and provides sample activities to help make your meetings and training more impactful. 

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