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Other safety measures

Employee safety is the number one priority for contractors, because all owners care deeply about their teams. Beyond being the right thing to do, if employees don’t feel safe and avoid coming to work, it also impacts the ability to operate and bring in revenue.


Get personal protective equipment (PPE)

Aaron Gaynor from The Eco Plumbers in Columbus, OH has had record back-to-back weeks in his business and continues to be on pace to grow 50%+ this year to $18M. He has two people going around to every store in his area to find and buy cleaning chemicals, masks, and other PPE.

Brad and Sarah from Radiant Plumbing & Air in Austin, TX continue to succeed through these times, on pace to nearly double their business to $38M this year. They’ve equipped their technicians with UV light boxes typically intended for sanitizing cell phones. Their technicians are plugging them into their trucks to sanitize their masks in between service calls, helping them extend the useful life of their masks.

Sarah and Brad have also resorted to sewing masks for their own people. They are definitely not N95 standard masks but they’re likely better than nothing and may prevent the technician from projecting anything onto the customer.

Though they may seem to be scarce, there are vendors with hand sanitizer and wipes in stock. Many retailers, such as Target and Walmart, are updating their inventory counts online to let customers know where certain items may be in stock or available for purchase. It’s also recommended to check less conventional stores for these items, including gas stations and smaller grocers.

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