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Billing Structure: Determine Your Pricing

There are many ways you can modify your processes to support a contactless experience between your technician and your customer to make them both more comfortable and protected.


Get customer signatures using the new contactless experience (just released!)

ServiceTitan just released a fully contactless experience so that all necessary signatures can be collected from your customers' own devices (see mock-up images below). If you do not have access to that feature yet, in order to collect any signatures that are still needed, you can use sealable, disposable plastic sleeves. Have your technician, using a fresh pair of gloves, place their tablet into the plastic sleeve before offering it to the customer to sign. We recommend doing this in front of the customer, so that there is no question as to whether the sleeve has been contaminated. Note that if you have thick cases on your devices, you'll need to get sleeves significantly bigger than the device’s actual dimensions to ensure they will fit inside. 

Alternative options include:

  • Text message: Using ServiceTitan to text customers the proposal for review and have them approve by responding with an “I approve” text message response. With our 2-way text feature, ServiceTitan will log the text messages on the job record as an audit trail. If you don’t have 2-way texting set up, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

  • Phone call: Travis Smith from Sky Heating in Oregon is having the customer call the office and approve the estimate. As long as you’re using ServiceTitan’s call tracking functionality, the phone call will be recorded and the CSR can attach the recording to the corresponding job. For more information, see here.

  • Video recording: You can record a video of the customer giving you approval and attach the recording to the job record in ServiceTitan.

  • Branded styluses: Erika Nelson Ferguson of Mr. Rooter bought branded styluses with her company’s name and logo on them. She gives these away to customers so they can sign and keep them. 

Note: We always recommend speaking with a lawyer familiar with your state’s laws before using an alternate method of approval collection 

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