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Launch indoor air quality and water filtration marketing campaigns to your existing customers

Proskill Services in Phoenix sold 50+ whole house indoor air quality systems with one email that they sent to ~2,500 of their customers. You can do something similar in two ways:

  1. You can export a customer list with emails through custom reports. Then, you can use that list to filter down who you want to email and load that list into a third-party email provider. You can find help on using custom reports here.

  2. Using ServiceTitan Marketing Pro, you can market to customers by taking a lot of the work out of exporting and managing lists, designing emails, and overseeing the success of each campaign. In the context of COVID-19, ServiceTitan Marketing Pro helps contractors educate and inform their existing customers about the pandemic and the precautions the business is taking to ensure safety. In addition, this can also aid in creating opportunities to educate homeowners and keep your business running by offering services like IAQ or water filtration.

Marketing Pro just released several new ready-to-go email templates around these types of campaigns (with many more on the way) so that you can immediately start marketing to your customers:

Marketing Pro Covid Edition: To be of the greatest service to contractors during this time, ServiceTitan is offering customers a 3-month free trial of Marketing Pro. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or submit a request here.

Important! There are several steps you’ll want to take in order to prevent being flagged as a SPAM sender. Be sure to limit how many customers you email at first and gradually increase the numbers over time, and avoid using ALL CAPS, lots of exclamation points, or the word “FREE” in your subject lines. If you’re flagged as a SPAM sender, customers will not receive marketing emails or other types of emails (such as estimates sent by email) in the future. Talk to your Customer Success Manager about this if you have any questions.

ServiceTitan is launching Product Catalog content integrations this April, which will allow contractors to download IAQ product information, sales collateral, images, and videos directly from the manufacturer into their ServiceTitan pricebook. To be notified when these integrations are available, please reach out to

Here is a preview of how these items will appear in our catalog integration. 

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