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Maintenance appointments appear to be the hardest hit business unit among ServiceTitan customers in areas where COVID-19 is a major concern, although some contractors continue to successfully complete them. It is at your business’ discretion to decide if you’d like to continue these appointments.


Serve only customers that are likely to experience breakdowns

If inbound call volume is consistent, you may want to consider outbounding only to the customers most likely to experience breakdowns. Contractors looking to target this option can consider using a script that gives homeowners information on why they could need to focus on taking care of their maintenance as opposed to postponing. Below is an example script. 

“Mrs. Jones, we’re calling you regarding the maintenance of your air conditioning system. Up until recently, we had suspended doing maintenance visits. We reconsidered this as we think about heading into warmer weather, however, to ignore your maintenance also doesn’t feel right. As we were doing research, last year, we saw X% of our emergency calls come in from equipment 8 years or older. Since your equipment is on the older side, the last thing we want to have happen is to have you in an emergency situation when you are really in need.  "

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