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Work from home

If you decide to work from home – or if your state or county mandates it – know that you can do so easily with ServiceTitan. Since ServiceTitan is cloud-based and accessible from practically any device with an internet connection, your team will be able to access all of our customer and job information from their homes and continue business as usual.


Use Slack to communicate internally

Slack is a popular communication tool that many companies (including ServiceTitan) use to communicate internally. Slack is for all of the things not captured within ServiceTitan, like conversations between CSRs and dispatchers for example. Hallways conversations, post-its, whiteboards, and other methods of communication work great when everyone is in the office, but with a remote team, you need a remote solution. Keep in mind that these notes are specific to Slack because it’s free and easy to use, but there are other similar tools on the market. 

Go to Choose “Getting Started” under the free plan to get started right away. If you’re interested in upgrading to the standard plan, you can email directly. They’ve agreed to give ServiceTitan customers a 90-day trial of the standard plan.

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