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Service experience

The usual service experience can change in times such as these. Our data shows that the number of demand calls generally doesn’t decrease. The average ticket could potentially decrease and the average tasks per call that get approved could decrease as well. Finally, lead turnovers for new AC or plumbing systems can drop as well. This usually happens during any recession. Chapter 5 offers the tools to combat this.


Sell at a distance

One major adjustment for your technicians will be the concept of selling from a distance. Technicians are trained to sit with homeowners and review quotes with them, and this is a long-standing practice that must be adapted at this time. To overcome this obstacle, encourage your technicians to practice their sales approach in front of a mirror while standing 6 feet away. Additionally, many contractors use Smart Forms to add pictures and other details that can be sent to customers during the sales process.

In some cases, contractors have chosen to avoid being in the same area as the customer at all. When doing so, you can use ServiceTitan’s customer portal to share estimates remotely or attempt to close the deal over the phone. Though preliminary data shows that very few contractors are able to maintain close rates when doing this type of selling, some have proven successful at it. 

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