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Service experience

The usual service experience can change in times such as these. Our data shows that the number of demand calls generally doesn’t decrease. The average ticket could potentially decrease and the average tasks per call that get approved could decrease as well. Finally, lead turnovers for new AC or plumbing systems can drop as well. This usually happens during any recession. Chapter 5 offers the tools to combat this.


Offer financing as a promotion at this time

Mentioning financing options has always been an effective method of closing a sale with a homeowner, but can be even more impactful during times of economic downturn. As a tip, reframing financing options as promotions can help put customers at ease with this idea, increasing their willingness to move forward with a quote. Our recommendation is to share some preliminary financing information during the initial call when the job is booked. That way, the customer is informed even before the technician arrives.

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