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5 Ways to Write Effective Plumbing Advertising Slogans

The right slogan can do a lot for a small or medium-sized business. It can distinguish it from the competition. Get stuck in public's head. Or even make new customers laugh.

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18 Best Plumbing Tools For Home Service Techs in 2019

Tradespeople are known for being good with their hands, but being good with your hands means knowing when and how to use the right tools. Plumbers are no exception and have to navigate an array of different issues—and sometimes hazards—to best serve homeowners and provide lasting plumbing solutions. Below, we take a look at the some of the essential tools plumbers use to service the modern homeowner.

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Top 27 Best Plumbing Blogs For Industry Professionals in 2019

If you're a professional in the plumbing industry, the internet can feel like a crowded place where nearly everyone claims to know what you and your colleagues need to do to stay ahead in your marketplace. And as tradesperson responsible for the direction of your business, you don't have time to sift through the articles, the interviews, the so-called industry "experts" to find actual insight you can rely on.

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The Best Ways to Evaluate Your Home Services Marketing Efforts

Your company is on the radar in your area. Your inflow of new business is steady, but marketing efforts seem scattered. How do you know you’re using everything you have in your toolbox to get the right customers interested in your services? How can you streamline your funnel of efforts and use your resources better to market for your company?

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3 Ways to Hold Your Service Techs Accountable for Invoices

This isn't the first time you've spent the afternoon double checking customer invoices with the accounting team due to a lack of payment paperwork collected from techs in the field. Your technicians are top notch at the work they do, but their first priority is doing a good job for their customers and sometimes they might forget the importance of keeping up with collecting payment paperwork.

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Nurturing Customer and Technician Relationships

You know that feeling of being a 'regular' customer?

It’s the feeling you get when you walk into your favorite coffee shop, bar, or hardware store and it’s not a stranger behind the counter — it’s your friend. They get your favorite drink, know how you take your coffee, or ask about that project you’ve been working on. Maybe you chat about your day, or how the weekend was. You leave having had a positive experience in your day, and I’m sure you’ll be back soon.

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6 Ways to Retain Skilled Service Technicians

In a world where good technicians are hard to find, keeping them is critical.

Studies on the topic of turnover costs never turn up consistent numbers, but we can all agree that the costs exist. A review from the Center for American Progress shares that "for workers earning less than $50,000 annually—which covers three-quarters of all workers in the United States—the 22 case studies show a typical cost of turnover of 20 percent of salary, the same as across positions earning $75,000 a year or less, which includes 9 in 10 U.S. workers." But one thing is for sure: acquisition costs more than retention.

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4 Key Business Objectives for a Growing Home Services Company

Making time to identify your business goals is tough. And actually doing it is even tougher. Here are our best tips about how to get started, followed by what we believe are the key objectives you might want to include.

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The Eco Plumbers Increased Revenue 60% By Making Data-Driven Decisions

To grow their business efficiently and quickly, The Eco Plumbers reinvented their business strategy by putting data at the core of its decision making.

By optimizing their products and services, tracking all techs' sales numbers, and discovering trends they were able to increase revenue 60% in just one year (comparing their first quarter after going live with ServiceTitan to the same quarter one year later).

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3 Ways to Step Up Your Phone Game

[Ed. note: 
Over the next few weeks, our friends at Power Selling Pros will be guest blogging with tips that you and your call-handling team can use to convert more calls to appointments. The first entry in this series is below.]  

What is the difference between a good service company, and a wildly successful one?

Attention to detail has a lot to do with it. Many companies assume that their call-handling strategy is fine if they’re making money. But overlooking ways to improve can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in valuable leads and sales.

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