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Lawrence LloydJanuary 20th, 2016

Consider these two facts: first, customers are the lifeblood of any home services business. Second, here at ServiceTitan, we’re all about sharing what we learn. What do you get when you put those two facts together? A winter webinar series all about achieving new levels of customer experience with your home services management software. Learn how to deliver a phenomenal customer experience on the phone and in the field — and how an integrated software platform can help you do so.

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Customer Experience on the Phone How your CSRs Can Use ServiceTitan to Deliver a Knockout Customer Experience over the Phone Jan. 28, 2016 — 11:30am PST

ServiceTitan offers tools specifically for CSRs, which help streamline operations and improve the customer experience at every turn. In this webinar, we’ll look at those features, review sample calls to break down each component of the call, and discuss best practices for customer experience.

Customer Experience in the Field How Your Technicians Can Use ServiceTitan to Deliver a Phenomenal Customer Experience Feb. 24, 2016 — 11:30am PST

ServiceTitan’s mobile experience for technicians in the field includes a visual price book, custom forms, GPS tracking, and many more tools to help technicians give a best-in-class customer experience.

A Fully Integrated Customer Experience Why You Need a Complete Home Services Management System Mar. 30, 2016 — 11:30am PST

Learn about how ServiceTitan brings together all of your home services software tools in a single integrated platform to help you run the most successful home services business. Sign up for the Winter 2016 webinar series.

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