Improving CRM Practices for Residential Electrical Businesses

Andrew LoschertJune 8th, 2015

Electrical industry professionals are poised to make significant strides in business growth throughout 2015, fueled by the momentum of an improved economy. According to IBISWorld research, the electrician trade is expected to make a full recovery from recessionary losses within the next five years due to a growing demand for residential and commercial improvements. Now is the right time to invest back into your electrical contracting business to take full advantage of this increased interest – but how?


One method that is often overlooked is a trickle-down strategy for improving customer satisfaction. Customer relationship management (CRM) practices, where you are instantly in the know about your customers’ past histories, can effectively improve the business management side of an electrical service company, streamlining processes in an effort to provide customers the most efficient level of service possible. With software designed to organize your back-end operations, your electrical (or HVAC or plumbing company) will be in a better position to deliver satisfactory experiences to current customers, while at the same time being able to attract and retain new customers.

Consider the following benefits of implementing software to improve your company:

  • Research customers: The first step to delivering amazing service is knowing every pertinent detail about those you are serving. Treating repeat customers as if you’ve never worked with them before can damage your company’s reputation and hurt your chances of receiving new business through referrals. By using software that allows you to research which services your customers typically call about, which type of electrical equipment is found within their homes, as well as other unique personal information (like if they have a pet or children in the home), you can specially tailor your services to each client, not only improving relationships but also increasing efficiency.
  • Track activity: Each time a customer calls your business, are you recording that call? Are all incoming emails being saved? If not, you might be losing out on opportunities to train your call takers and increase their conversion ratios. Having a system in place that tracks these activities can help you better train your CSRs based off direct feedback from the people who matter most – the homeowner.
  • Review tech performance: As an electrical contracting business owner, your technicians are the lifeblood of your company, but none are created equal. By using software to track performance metrics like sales, time spent completing jobs and customer feedback, you can gain valuable insight that allows you to train your employees in areas where they need improvement. Offering supportive coaching will also give your techs a greater feeling of worth that might not have been felt before. Customer relationship management can be a tricky art to perfect, especially for specific trades like electrical contracting. While understanding a client’s exact wants and needs can seem daunting, by investing in SaaS software like ServiceTitan’s proprietary solution, you can better organize your customer knowledge in order to provide an outstanding customer experience on every job.
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