Are You Using Your Service Business Software Correctly?

Andrew LoschertSeptember 28th, 2015

Choosing to integrate Software as a Service (SaaS) into a residential home service business such as HVAC, plumbing or electrical, is an easy step toward increasing operational fluidity, improving customer service levels, maximizing sales opportunities and increasing yearly revenue. Making the decision to implement such a tool is only one part of the process, though. Just as important is making sure the system is being applied at optimum levels, and every advantage this type of software can provide is used to its full extent.

  • Evaluation of Implementation - Do you know where operational software can be put into use within your organization? Are there specific needs or applications relevant to your operations that you would like to have incorporated into the system? Understanding the variety of needs that software for the home service industry can meet, identifying the areas within your organization where the software product will play a useful role, and then integrating them into your routines goes a long way towards getting the most return for your investment in an operational software platform.
  • Training - Putting software into place is only effective if the members of staff – from the technicians all the way up to the owner – know how to make the best use of the system. Training everyone on the general uses of the software package, and providing special training based on applicability to the trainee’s responsibilities within the organization is crucial to getting the most use from what the software has to offer. ServiceTitan offers extensive training and certification programs to all of their clients to make sure the software is being used to its maximum capabilities and to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the product.
  • Reevaluation - Changes and growth are a constant factor in the home service industry. With those changes, adjustments to the operational software may be in order to make the transition flow smoothly. ServiceTitan representatives remain in constant contact with their clients, and are available to assist with necessary or desired adjustments to the software package. Understanding the variety of functions operational software can serve in your organization and making full use of everything it has to offer is a solid means to streamlining a residential home service business. By making full use of the variety of functions made available, payroll can be minimized, productivity can increase dramatically and sales can be boosted, but only if the software is used correctly. Make sure your staff is well trained on every applicable aspect of the software, and make sure the guidelines for its usage are followed closely, with additional training or refresher courses offered, as needed. To find out more about the ways ServiceTitan can help optimize your home service business, contact us today!
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