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5 Ways to Improve On-Site HVAC Sales

User IconStephanie Figy
Clock IconDecember 30th, 2020
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Succeeding in today's HVAC industry entails more than installing and servicing HVAC systems. Equip your HVAC service technicians with the skills they need to provide top-notch field service, so your HVAC company increases customer satisfaction and boosts home sales.

Since 90 percent of customers use customer service as a deciding factor in whether to do business with a company, your techs play a key role in the success of your home service business. By understanding and clearly communicating with customers, your HVAC company can establish a positive track record and increase revenue.

On-site HVAC sales of new products, complementary services, and good-better-best estimates mean happy customers, and ideally, more gross profit for your company.

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Improve HVAC sales by doing the following:

1. Equip HVAC service technicians with sales skills

2. Dispatch for profit

3. Use software to boost sales experience

4. Follow up estimates

5. Prioritize HVAC sales jobs

Equip Techs With Sales Skills

  • Know customer service history

  • Train techs to make field sales

Not every HVAC technician is cut out to be an HVAC salesperson, but as a business owner, you can increase sales in your residential HVAC and commercial HVAC business by giving techs the tools they need to succeed.

ServiceTitan's cloud-based HVAC software informs techs of the customer's HVAC system, so they know the age and service history of their HVAC equipment and can make industry-based recommendations. 

Employ sales training so techs can hone their communication skills in showing customers good-better-best options, and make proper recommendations for their HVAC equipment.

While customer service representatives (CSRs) perform an important part in your customers' experiences with your company, techs play a vital role because of their ability to handle service calls and their knowledge in the field.

Dispatch for Profit

  • Send skilled communicators to high-value jobs

  • Keep customers informed from beginning to end

Send the right person to the right job to increase your chances of closing HVAC sales. With ServiceTitan's cloud-based dispatch software, you can send your most skilled HVAC sales representatives to high-dollar jobs.

Dispatch software enables your company to attribute certain skills to certain technicians, and even build a technician scorecard, so you know which technicians are closing the most sales and generating the most leads.

Give customers a better sales experience, starting with awesome customer service. Dispatch software enables you to inform customers when a tech or installer is on their way - and include a picture and bio so they know exactly who will arrive at their door.

By keeping the customer informed from beginning to end, you can create a better customer service experience and increase opportunities for outside sales.

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Use Software to Boost Sales Experience

  • Give accurate, on-site pricing

  • Create branded estimates

Mobile HVAC software gives your technicians what they need at their fingertips, so they can give accurate, on-site pricing.

Instead of showing customers products and services on paper, show them pictures of recommended products on a tablet. This gives credibility to good-better-best options, and customers are more likely to see the value in the "best" option.

Mobile software enables technicians to create branded digital estimates in the customer's home, so they can see pricing immediately, without waiting for an email or phone call from your company. This eliminates the possibility of estimates falling through the cracks. Using the free, online ServiceTitan HVAC Calculator can give homeowners the kind of tailored recommendations they want. You can present your BTU calculations for their home confidently, since its design is easy-to-use. You can share your findings with the homeowner on-the-spot and give a credible recommendation so their HVAC system operates efficiently and safely.

Prioritizing repairs allows the customer to decide what should be fixed now, and what can wait. If you can prove your company is honest, efficient, and fairly-priced, it may lead to repeat business and referrals on social media to potential customers.

Follow Up Estimates

  • Use Marketing Pro to connect with customers

  • Create a follow-up plan

Keep unsold estimates from falling through the cracks by staying in contact with customers. ServiceTitan Marketing Pro does the work for you by sending out emails or texts based on your customer data.

Follow-ups should start within 48 hours after delivering the estimate, and not end until you get a yes or no, says Chris Hunter, ServiceTitan Director of Customer Relations, who hosted a webinar on the topic. A follow-up plan also should be created for customers who aren't immediately ready to commit, he says.

Similarly, the software can be used to remind customers of a recurring service, such as air conditioning maintenance, or renewal to your company's membership plan.

Prioritize HVAC sales jobs

  • Develop HVAC sales plan

  • Employ marketing strategies

Consider using an HVAC sales consultant to increase your company's sales strategies.

Other possibilities include creating a full-time sales manager and sales team, or even designating an employee as a comfort advisor, a position that develops marketing strategies for reaching new customers and ensures current customers continue their positive relationship with your company.

Blending sales techniques with top-notch customer service and efficient field service, your HVAC company increases its chances of boosting revenue and growth.

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